You might be old if…

You are cruising along on your pink beach cruiser complete with wicker basket at about 3 MPH and you ride past someone who looks like this:

Hot Wheels

It was 100 degrees out.

She looked like she was walking a runway.

No sweat.

She was moving fast.

Hair like she just stepped out of a salon.

Adorable clothes.

Cool road bike with actual gears.



After seeing her, I felt like this:

But my posture was much worse.


  1. says

    The contrasting pictures are too funny. I’m totally cracking up right now. :) Hopefully she was going for a really short ride to her neighbor’s house. That outfit is definitely not designed for a long bike ride. Of course, she doesn’t have kids with her. Who knows – maybe without my little ones in tow, I’d get all dolled up too and start cruising the town. :)

  2. Joy Williams says

    Where was she going? I would smell so bad after workign out, id feel uncomfortable looking that good and stinking!

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