You know you live in a small town when…

…you are at the local drugstore and get into your car to find the vehicle next to you running, keys in the ignition and door unlocked.

It was a late model pickup truck, not really something people are going to steal, but still.  I was sort of pleasantly surprised to see that.  Clearly since I snapped a fuzzy, not-at-all clear picture of it.  It’s hard to see but the keys are hanging in there, and it was running.  I also looked to see if the door was unlocked and it was.


  1. Alex says

    People do that all the time, and then they act confused as hell when their stuff gets stolen. I mean, to me its like striking matches and tossing them in a waste bin, then wondering why it caught fire. The stupidity of mankind is really starting to concern me.

  2. Dawn says

    Yeah, you see a lot of that around here, and I think people shouldn’t be so trusting. You never know.

  3. says

    I do it all the time, my husband gets a little testy with me about it too. We’re a smaller town, but not exactly where everyone knows everyone. It would totally serve me right if I walked out to find my car gone.

    I’m hoping that never happens though!

  4. says

    It’s very common here in our small town (no stoplights, the nearest one is 65 miles…190 miles to a freeway). It’s very cold in the winter and people leave their cars running and unlocked at the post office, drug store, grocery, wherever. I’ve never heard of a car being taken.

  5. says

    We do that in front of our house, or in our driveway and we’ll leave the car unlocked downtown when we run in a store. But that’s just about it.
    I remember my parents doing that when we were kids, but not anymore…. Kind-of sad when you think about it.
    Glad you could make me feel good about life again.

  6. says

    lol Yep. I have done that a time or two in the country town I grew up in. Hell, in the city we live in now, I have left the keys on top of my car by accident a time or two and it has always still be there.

  7. christi says

    I love hte small town thing, too! we live in a place where that happens often and it’s always nice to know that neighbors are always looking out for each other, too!

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