Worst parking job ever!

These are funny…some parking FAIL videos.

Crappy drivers unite!


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    I’m just shocked at these people!! I can’t even leave a doggie poop on the ground, if I don’t have a baggie, I make sure I look for it the next day. The first guy DESTROYED two cars and drove away, then the second guy just hit the other two, left his and walked away. I cannot believe someone would actually do that. PLEASE tell me these were for some video show.

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    The parallel parking one is too funny. Not funny if it was my car, but some days I feel like that. He just did what the rest of us NEVER would do. And to walk away and get to his meeting? I’m from a frozen state, so in the winter when the snow piles up we always kid that it makes people stupid. They just can’t park without painted lines. You should see the parking lots.

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    wow. How stupid would you have to be to leave your car there and then walk away?! I mean, sure the entire thing on both of them was completely ridiculous. But sheesh!

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