Why eating fat doesn’t make you fat

Sugars and grains have destroyed our bodies and are to blame for so many of the issues we have today including obesity. Chemical filled low-fat alternatives to real foods are a myth the food industry has perpetuated for years.

I have been eating about a 90% no sugar, no grains diet and I have never felt better. No bloating. No joint pain. I have so much energy! And the best part is I don’t crave sugar or grains AT ALL. In fact I have completely reprogrammed my body where I now have an aversion to those foods. I just can’t eat them.

I spent so many years operating at 50-75% health. It became normal. But now that I know what 100% feels like I can’t believe I ever tolerated feeling anything less, but until you have something to compare it to, you don’t realize it.

Why eating fat doesn’t make you fat:

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    Although scientifically sound, this can be a very misleading article. Consulting real scientific journals will reveal exercise combined with a hypoenergetic diet including carbohydrates will give greater results in terms of health AND body image. When combined with exercise, carbohydrates provide the energy to build muscle, a highly metabolic tissue resulting in round the clock higher fat oxidation. The end result is a greater reduction in fat mass and a gain in fat free mass (better body image). Carbohydrates also play a vital function in cortisol stress response and maintaining immune function so should still be treated as a key macronutrient in ones diet.

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      It really depends upon which type of carbohydrates you are talking about. Sadly most people consider carbohydrates to be bread, cereal and cookies.

      Complex carbs in the form of nutrient rich vegetables, yes but not carbs from processed grains.

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