Week 8: Total Gym, Total Mom Challenge RESULTS

8 weeks ago I started a challenge with 9 other bloggers called the Total Gym, Total Mom Challenge.  We were all sent a Total Gym and for 8 weeks we used the machine and documented our experiences.

Today is the moment of truth.


Starting #’s Week 1 results Week 2 results Week 8 results
Weight: 155.4 lbs 156 lbs 154.8 lbs 154.6 lbs
Water level: 47.7% 48.1% 47.4% 48.7 %
Body Fat: 34.6% 34.1% 35% 33.2 %
Bicep: 11 3/4″ 11 1/2″ 11 1/4″ 11″
Thigh: 24 1/4″ 24 1/2″ 23 3/4″ 24″
Hips: 40″ 39″ 39 1/2″ 39 1/2″
Waist: 35 1/2″ 34″ 34″ 34″

Not amazing or stunning.

But I am not dismayed.

Because I can see and feel a difference.  In my strength.  In my tone.

I have learned too that there is something else more important than the actual numbers.


I think if I was at a point where I still had a lot of weight to lose, the pounds would have melted off the last 8 weeks.  But I’m at a point where I am trying to lose the last 10-15 lbs after losing almost 50 in the last year.

But confidence prevails.

Confidence in my abilities to continue my lifestyle, but also confidence in how I look and feel.

I used to be the person that avoided having her photograph taken.  I used to cringe when I did end up in a photo.  Now, I go out of my way to have my picture taken.  I smile when I see pictures of myself.  The Total Gym wasn’t the direct reason for this, but I believe that the Total Gym will remain a part of my lifestyle that allows me to continue to maintain my confidence in my new self.

Below is the list of the other bloggers who participated in the challenge.  I’ll arm wrestle anyone, anytime!

  • Jennifer www.jleighdesignz.com

My previous posts in this series:

If you are interested in the Total Gym, you can use this link for 15% off! Total Gym Coupon Did you know that the Total Gym has a 30-day free trial?  Try it for 30 days.  If you don’t like it, return it for a FULL REFUND.

I was provided with a Total Gym XLS system that was through Blog Friendly PR. Opinions expressed are my own.

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    Go Kim!!! Love the pic and I think your dog loves you too ;)

    I agree with the confidence. I have had much more confidence during this last eight weeks than I’ve had in a long time! WTG girl!

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