Ugly Christmas sweaters


I never realized it before, but apparently a lot of people participate in contests revolving around ugly Christmas sweaters.

Office contests.

Family contests.

Can you imagine shopping with the aim of finding the ugliest sweater?

I have a feeling it’s harder than I would initially imagine.  But, I bet it would be fun trying to out-ugly everyone else.

Take a look at some ugly Christmas sweaters:

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Pulse Ugly Sweaters


Ugly Sweater Party 2008

Holiday Party Season 2008 (wkd #1)

Ugly Sweater Party 2008

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party (2)


Tacky Sweaters 065

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party - 2010

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Party Pics - 2009-39

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Party Pics - 2009-88

Blue Diesel Christmas Extravaganza 2010 (14 of 20)




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  1. says

    These are fabulous! There’s something endearing about people wearing these when it’s all in good fun – not thinking it’s a serious fashion statement. My friend just bought an ugly sweater from Walmart and some $1 felt ornaments and had sewed his own – pure awesome!