Top 10 Things Every New Parent Needs for Baby

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It’s been a long time since I had a new baby in the house. Six years to be exact. And it is amazing at all the great new baby gear that has hit the market since my daughter was a baby. Much of it looks like it aims to make parents lives easier and improve the safety of the products babies use. I recently polled my Facebook Fan Page and asked parents:

What is one MUST-HAVE item new parents NEED?

1. Baby sling/ergonomic carrier - Rachael @ Empowering Mommy &Alison from Being Alison

2. Swaddle blankets - Trisha from MomDot

3. A properly fitting car seat - Amanda from Confessions from Household Six

4. A bouncey seat - Nichol from KiddiesCorner Deals and Dena

5. A baby monitor - Holly from I Like it Frantic

6. A stroller frame that can hold an infant carrier - Shannon

7. A breast pump - Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom

8. Baby nail cutters - Terri

9. Feeding pillow - Rachael

10. A portable crib - Trisha

Despite all of these various responses, many people also mentioned baby safety as a concern. It’s important for new parents to have products that make their lives easier but it’s equally, actually more, important that their babies be as safe as possible.

When it comes to being safe. there are two main focuses when it comes to a new baby – home safety and travel safety.

Home safety involves things like cribs that have not been recalled, feeding products that don’t contain harmful substances, and safety gates and babyproofing accessories that help protect the baby from household dangers as they grow.

Travel safety includes quality car seats that fit and are installed properly, child restraints & safety harnesses and stroller and vehicle accessories that provide protection.

When my kids little, we had two types of safety equipment that saved our sanity – baby gates and cabinet locks. The cabinet locks could be annoying until you got used to them but keeping my kids out of my cabinets saved us a lot of worry and greatly reduced the potential hazards my kids were exposed to. And safety gates were an absolute necessity in our two story home. Imagine the dangers involved with stairs, yikes! Safety 1st is one company that has just about everything you need to keep your baby safe!

Top 10 Things Every New Parent Needs for Baby

Do you have a favorite baby safety accessory?

Has a safety accessory ever saved your baby from harm?

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