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Buying a home is a huge milestone in your life. Whether it is your first home or your last home, or something in-between, that home will leave an indelible mark in your family’s history. Family photos will be referred to based upon that house. Looking through old photo albums, you will remark “hey that was the house on *insert street name here*” and memories from your time in that house will come flooding back. “Oh wow, I forgot about that” you will say when seeing a photo of the ugly couch that belonged to your grandmother because your parents were just starting out. Maybe you will experience sadness over the people who are no longer in your life that were a part of the memories from that home.

Our homes are the backdrop for so much of what goes on in our lives.





Even the small things like family game night and homemade pizza every Saturday, the tree we planted, decorating for Christmas, visits from Grandma, our garden and the first day of school.

Our home is generally not an active part of these memories, and while they could have been made anywhere, that home, that address, is what solidifies our memories and ties them together.

our memoriesThose are the memories we are making.

If you buy a home without taking steps to protect yourself from identity theft this could be your memory:


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What memories are you making?

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