INSANITY day 63 – final results

insanity before after front

I took the Insanity challenge and completed it!Yesterday was the last workout in my Insanity journey and today was the final fit test.  I achieved so much in 60 (well actually 63) short days.And I experienced INSANE results, some of which even a picture or measurements can't fully indicate:I committed to something intense and difficult and stuck with it. I lost inches. I gained … [Read more...]

INSANITY day 56 (end of week 8)

week 8 insanity results

Today is the start of my 9th and final week doing the INSANITY workout program.I can't believe I'm almost done!I have to be honest as much as I enjoy doing it and feeling great, I am going to be glad for the break.  It really is an intense workout that challenges you physically AND mentally.I won't stop working out, in fact I have a couple of things on the horizon.  I really like the … [Read more...]

INSANITY Max Interval Plyo – see me in action

insanity max interval plyo review

With all my progress photos and discussions about INSANITY, I have been promising you a video showing you one of the workouts.  It's one thing to see an infomercial with all these gorgeous hard bodies making something look so easy, and quite another to see a not-so-hard-body doing these extreme workouts.And they are extreme.INSANITY is not for wimps.But really being a wimp, to me, is … [Read more...]

INSANITY 4th fit test results

Insanity results

I felt terrible when I got up this morning to workout.  I have 2 weeks left of INSANITY and this morning was another fit test.I had no energy, my stomach was upset and I was incredibly tired, more so than I have ever felt the whole previous month and a half I have been doing Insanity.Yet I persevered, confident I would overcome and get a second wind.I didn't.I *only* burned 905 … [Read more...]

INSANITY day 49 (end of week 7)

Week 7 INSANITY Results

I promised you a video last week.I failed.Let me preface the explanation of my failure by reminding you that I am a natural blonde.My Flip camera would not charge.I'd plug it in with the USB - nothing.I tried 3 different computers.Still no charge.So I decided to take the back off and take the battery out to reset it.Yeah.I found 2 … [Read more...]

INSANITY day 42 (end of week 6)

Insanity results

This week was TOUGH. It was the first week of the 2nd month and all the workouts have the word MAX in front of them and are 10-15 minutes longer than the workouts in the first month.  I had physical and mental obstacles this week.  I tweaked my knee, presumably during a workout, but I don't know how I did it.  The last few days it has just been sort of nagging at me and making a little pop when I … [Read more...]

INSANITY 3rd fit test results

Today before going into a coma, I did 1 hour and 10 minutes of Insanity, part of which was the 3rd fit test to see how far I have improved.  Below is a chart showing my fit test results from today and the previous 2 to compare.Fit Test 1 Fit Test 2 Fit Test 3 Fit Test 4 Fit Test … [Read more...]

INSANITY day 35 (end of week 5)

week 5 insanity results

This past week was recovery week on INSANITY.HAHAHAHAHAHASeriously though, it wasn't an easy workout, but I definitely was not as fatigued at the end as I was after each workout in the first month.It felt good to take it slow and while the word "pulse" is now one of my least favorite words - the last 10 minutes of each day during recovery week involved holding up legs and arms and such … [Read more...]