Spreading the love for organic food

This article, provided by a visiting author, provides tips for how to introduce your friends to organic food.

One of the main reasons that people don’t opt for organic food is that they often don’t get the chance to actually try it. The organic movement hasn’t been in the mainstream media’s attention for that long, but even though more people are advocating sustainable, organic food, there are still some who are afraid to take the plunge.

You might know some friends and family members who have also been reluctant to switch to an organic lifestyle, and the truth is, the only way to get them to go organic is to let them try organic.

Catch Their Eyes (and Palettes) with the Food

Of course, the highlight of the night will be the food you’ll be preparing for your family and friends. By preparing a great, homemade, organic meal, you’ll be eliminating one of the biggest misconceptions about organic food: it’s bland because it doesn’t have any artificial flavors, and it doesn’t quite taste like the “real” thing (“real” meaning what you would find in any corner market). Surprise your guests by whipping up an incredible feast made with nothing but organic produce.

Photo use via Creative Commons license: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33043520@N02/10699916015/

Photo use via Creative Commons license: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33043520@N02/10699916015/

Over dinner, you can also dispel a myth that has been going around for ages — that organic food is insanely expensive. Local non-profit organizations like Growing Power are constantly trying to bring affordable, great-quality organic produce to markets across the country.

Drive the Point Home and Let Them Drive Home with an Organic Gift Basket

To show your guests that going organic doesn’t have to start or stop at the table, prepare a bunch of gift baskets packed with organic goodies. Gift baskets are always a great idea for after-party giveaways and prizes, as they’re extremely customizable, and are essentially, a gift basket is a bunch of gifts in one! Just last year, retailer Marks and Spencer gave away gift baskets full of doggie treats as prizes for their #PetsWithSparkle Christmas contest.

For your organic dinner party, build an organic gift basket with some of your favorite organic products. Include your own homemade organic detergent, makeup, and hand soap, as well as some of the products from your favorite brands. Of course, the beauty of the gift basket comes from the simplicity of the gift as well. If you’re unsure of how to start, Paper Mart has a great, easy-to-follow guide to creating gift baskets right on your kitchen counter.

Don’t worry about the party too much though, because even if you don’t convince your friends to go organic, they’re sure to enjoy the experience (and the goodies)!


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I eat some organic, but we are not exclusive in our house. I think it all depends on my budget for the week because organic is more expensive.

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