Snooze button distracting you from your workout?

Personally I have never ever touched a snooze button, which means I either fall back asleep and oversleep or get right up. I’m such a tightly-wound person that it’s usually the latter.

But I know a lot of people hit that snooze button multiple times before getting up, which means they have no time left for a morning workout – which is the best time of the day to workout.

I created the workout below for all of you snooze button victims!

Snooze Button 7 Quick Workout

For full-sized printable: Snooze Button 7 Workout

For those who need how-tos for any of the exercises:


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    You’ve NEVER hit the snooze button?? You must be super human! Either way, thanks for this quick, energizing workout. I’m definitely guilty of overusing my snooze button and before I know it, I’ve used up a significant chunk of my workout time. I have to admit…I have no idea what a burpee is. Is there a good explanation or video of it? Thanks!

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