Skora FIT – my new favorite running shoe. Really.

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Hey, SKORA sent me these shoes to try. Opinions and corny jokes are all mine.

I realize that I get excited over strange things.

Little things.

Seemingly unimportant things.

Like shoes.

But when it comes to finding the perfect running shoe, sometimes it’s the little things that really matter.

Skora FIT

SKORA has been my running shoe of choice since last summer when I reviewed their SKORA FORM shoe. I liked them so much that I have not been able to wear any other brand of shoe, so when they announced a new model was being released this spring, I just HAD TO GET MY HANDS FEET ON IN THEM!

Introducing SKORA FIT!

Skora FIT

About FIT:


FIT is the ultimate all-purpose running and training shoe, designed for flexibility, speed and agility. Lightweight, breathable airmesh is combined with a revolutionary 3D-Printed support pattern and 16mm of tuned cushioning for the ultimate in responsive performance and comfort.


  • REALFIT™ last
  • Stretch Airmesh upper
  • 3D Printed dynamic support pattern
  • Asymmetrical lacing
  • Internal Archband midfoot support
  • Zero-drop construction
  • Stitch-down construction
  • High Abrasion rubber
  • Reflective details
  • 16mm Forefoot/Heel stack height

The second I opened that box, I was hooked. I love the colors!


FIT has some of my favorite SKORA features in a brand new package.

  • Asymmetrical lacing to match the foot’s natural shape.
  • Wider toe box to allow the toes to spread out upon impact.
  • Zero-Drop which is a naturally correct fit.
  • Rounded heel encourages natural movement.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cushioned but not bulky.

Skora FIT

Despite all that, when I first put my brand new pair of FIT on I was concerned.

You see, FIT is made of a breathable airmesh fabric with a 3D-Printed support pattern and I could feel the texture of it against my feet (I don’t wear socks).

And it felt weird.

SKORA   The New  Fit  Shoe

I almost cried because I so wanted to love these.

But I persisted. I figured my friends at Skora would not steer me wrong with their new shoe.

It took about a week and now not only do I not notice the texture, they seriously fit like a sock with a sole. They should have named this shoe SOCK because it FITS.


I get it.

Skora FIT running shoe

I have never had this much flexibility in a running shoe before. Combined with a fit that forms naturally to my feet, this really is the perfect running shoe.


For more information about Skora FIT and to order a pair for yourself visit

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  1. Nancy Man says

    I can’t stop staring at that asymmetrical lacing. I think I understand the benefit of it (less pressure across the top of the foot?) but I’m not sure if I could get use to the look. I’d keep thinking my shoes were weirdly askew or something.

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