Silit Cookware Review

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I never really paid that much attention to cookware.

Honestly in the past, the main think I looked for was “dishwasher and microwave safe”.

I didn’t pay attention to material.

I didn’t care about coatings.

I didn’t use it much so it didn’t matter.

That all changed this year.

The more research I do into hazardous chemicals that affects our health, I stopped using potentially dangerous non-stick coated pans and switched exclusively to cast iron and some stainless steel.  I have done a lot of research and not only are there fewer hazards with these types of pans, the food actually cooks and tastes better cooked in cast iron.

But cast iron poses challenges of its own.  It has to be seasoned properly to be non-stick.  It has to be washed by hand and dried thoroughly to prevent rusting.  And it’s not always easy to find all the necessary sizes and shapes of pans you need for all of your cooking needs.

Enter Silit Silargan!

About Silit Silargan:

Silargan® – innovative and unique

Quality begins with the material, the basis for any genuine high-tech product.

With Silargan®, Silit has revolutionized the development of materials for modern cookware. Today Silargan® stands for top-of-the-line cookware and is unique worldwide.

Several layers of very sturdy and heat-resistant high-tech ceramic are fused with the ferromagnetic steel core at temperatures of 860 °C to form an inseparable compound. This makes Silargan® ultra-hard, cut and scratchproof, non-abrasive and thus extremely durable. Unlike other materials, the ceramic surface is extremely smooth and thus long-lustre, neutral to taste and hygienic.

The high-gloss Silargan® surface is very easy to clean and ideal for use on modern glass ceramic cooking zones. The extra-sturdy, drawn-in-one-piece steel core and the dark surface make for optimal storage and distribution of heat.

We received 3 Silit Silargan pots and pans to put to the test.

Silit Cookware is made in Germany and has been a leader in the cookware industry there for decades.  Now, with the availability of Silit in the USA, we have access to this quality cookware that is leaps and bounds ahead of the typical non-stick products we are used to.

I admit we were skeptical about using something other than our beloved cast iron, especially in a saute or frying pan.

But we were wrong.

My husband now will not use any other pan for making eggs or omelets, he is in love with the Silit!

The eggs do not stick and the pan is soooooo easy to clean, whether by hand or in the dishwasher because the Silit Silargan is dishwasher safe.

All 3 of the Silit Silargan pans have become our first choice when cooking.  The saucepan is amazing, heats great and even if I forget to stir something and it sticks to the bottom, it comes off easily during cleaning.  The only real concern is that the handles on the pans do get quite hot and I recommend handle covers or handle mitts just like you need for cast iron.

Now for us, when it comes to shopping for cookware, we are cast iron AND Silit fanatics, nothing else will do.

You can purchase Silit Cookware at

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  1. pamela svec says

    I bought a silit fry pan, despite the high cost, as they looked so good. It is the worst pan I have ever used.. everything sticks.. eggs stick so bad and I can’t even get the pan clean without using a steel pad to scrub it (thank goodness it does not scratch) and pancakes stick so bad , it is not usable..
    I am returning my pan and will stick with my properly seasoned cast iron or stainless steel pans!
    Most people do not know how to properly season a cast iron. It takes rubbing flax oil or canola as a second.. (must be an oil that smokes at high temp.. ) all over pan, then taking a paper towel and rubbing all off. There is a small amount left on pan still. Put in 550 degrees for a hour..must be repeated 5-6 times and you will have a perfect seasoned, non stick. non rust pan. Cannot cook acid foods like tomato sauce in it.
    If pan is corroded or has a poor quality season, put pan in clean cycle in oven to take off the season and , clean all rust and start fresh…

  2. Elizabeth says

    I agree with You! But my pans have white spots impossible to remove . My pans are pink and black in the inside . Do You have experienced this problema? If so do You know how to remove them?

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