She didn’t get off the bus

Yesterday was a day like any other.

I didn’t get a lot done and 2:45 rolled around way too fast.

But still, I was glad to see my kids and hear all about what they learned. Not that they actually talk to me. If I can get a mumbled “nothing” I consider it a success.

One day my 5 year old actually said “we sat and stared at the teacher all day.”


She’s trouble.

She’s the one who stuck a Lego her nose.

Not when she was 2 or 3, no, LAST WEEK. She’s almost 6.

Anyhoo, I do admit that I often channel my inner Archie Bunker and call her a dingbat. Because she is. Might as well teach them at an early age to accept themselves as they are right?


So with her, I have a lot of fears that I didn’t have with my son. He is a stickler for rules, pays attention and actually remembers something you told him 30 seconds prior. She daydreams, can barely remember to put on her pants and cares very little about what is going on around her.

And so yesterday when the bus deposited my son at the end of our driveway and then drove away, I panicked.

“Where is Abby?” I yelled at the back of the bus as it began moving away.

“Oh my God,” I thought, more invocation than prayer.

where is Abby?


Just then my son chimed in, “she was on the bus.”

Some minor wave of relief washed over my and I said “go get her.” And he took off running.

What seemed like an eternity passed. I was standing still, but the world around me was spinning. Despite knowing that Jake had told me she was on the bus, there was no rational thought passing through my brain. She was not here, so she was gone.


As Jake ran down the street trying to catch the bus, suddenly red spots flashed in front of my damp eyes.

I blinked.

Brake lights.

The bus stopped, the doors opened, and my little dingbat got off the bus sobbing.


She was playing with some kids and not paying attention.

Because that’s what she does.

Not pay attention.

We consoled each other, had a chat with Jake about making sure he does not get off the bus without her, and learned a valuable lesson.

I will be standing at the end of the driveway when the bus delivers my children from now on….



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