School Pictures 2013

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I swear the people who take school photos must not like children.

It’s not hard to get a child to laugh or smile.

Just say the word underwear.

They laugh.

Snap picture.

Cute photo.

But no.

School photos always look like someone FORCED them to smile.

“Smile or I will force you to eat liver and onions.”

This year my son’s photo isn’t actually half bad but my daughter’s photo is not great. Not only is her smile forced, she looks like she is FAKE.



I spent over $80 on pictures.

I think next year I will find a local photographer to do them outside of school. It’s great to have the annual memories as a snapshot in time but if they aren’t really reflective of how my kids look (I have never seen Abby smile like that) maybe there is a better option.

Do you buy the school photos or do you have photos taken separately?

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  1. says

    I stopped buying school pictures once my daughters hit the second grade. They never came out right. I ordered senior pictures for my now college girl and absolutely HATE them! I almost didn’t order kindergarten pics for my kindergarten boy, but the spouse insisted. To my surprise, they came out almost perfect! I think your kids’ photos came out really cute! :-)

  2. Rebecca Orr says

    I volunteered this year at my sons school on picture day. I fixed the kids hair and collars and what not. His picture was not bad last year. But I still didn’t want to chance it this year. The $26 credit incentive was calling my name. Lol But the real question is was it worth the 6 hours I was at the school fixing the hair and collars of every child in the school? Ehhhh….not really. His picture is decent. Nothing amazing though. Good enough to give to family and friends though. Our Walmart offered a few special picture days for families recently and we took advantage if it and the picture we chose of him is sooooo….him. He looks happy and he is smiling and he looks REAl! I will say that as a PTA member, I will continue to volunteer my “assistant” services to the photographer every year because at least I can have some sort of control over whereas I have no control at all when I sit at home! Lol

  3. says

    Gav’s always come out awful. We always went to Walmart because they were cheap $6.95 for the package but ours closed. I bought this year and am waiting for them to arrive to see how my $63 was spent ridiculous.

  4. says

    Aw! I don’t think they are THAT bad. But I agree….My Gabe always looks terrible in his school pics and I hate that that is how he will be remembered in yearbooks. I always just buy the smallest package so that I have a 4×6 and grandma has a 4×6. I never buy more than that it just gets wasted.

  5. Trish Taft says

    Up to this year I used to take my kids to Wal-Mart’s Picture Me Studio, the most I spent per package was $7.99 for more than what I got this year for $39.50!!! But the Picture Me Studios have closed and I did not have time to find another outlet to take them to but next year I will be prepared. What a rip off Lifetouch is!

  6. says

    Abby does look like they photoshopped her in!

    I never buy the individual school photo because they are SO expensive and (like you said) they are AWFUL!

    I need to take J and get his done soon.

  7. says

    It’s super ridiculous what they charge for those pictures seeing that they spend 2 minutes with each kid. I’ve seen it! My kids got theirs taken at school, but it’s definitely time to get some family pics taken again with my BIL

  8. says

    Aww… Jake’s looks really nice but I agree about Abby’s… while still cute it looks like she saw something not quite right… ;)

  9. says

    IMHO I don’t think your kids can take a bad photo. School pictures are just never going to look natural. It’s a racket. There must be kickbacks. LOL!
    I attended my kids’ session at their preschool and was shocked by the photog’s lack of rapport with the kids. Say cheese?! Really?! My son is always smiley but my daughter looked like she was passing gas. I finally intervened and told them to start snapping when I started talking. I turned to my daughter and said, “booger sandwich.” That’s how I got a semi decent photo

  10. says

    Aw, their school photos are cute. I can relate though, my daughter smile in her school photos always look forced. Which is why I normally don’t buy them… that and they are crazy expensive.

  11. Pat says

    I agree 100%. Most school photos are ok, but it seems that when they see a child’s hair sticking up or there is a smudge on their face or the ribbon came untied, SOMEONE could step up and fix it. I pay big bucks for these photos too, and I have 4 children. The prices are outrageous and the photos are NOT that great. This is why there is picture re-take day. For unhappy parents, kids and kids that missed out due to illness, etc. Maybe each school or teacher of each class should check each child before their photo session, or maybe the photographer should have an assistant to straighten out the folded collars, alfalfa hair, Cinderella smudges, etc. before each session. Thanks for letting me vent my opinion.

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