Scary Santas


Do you have a child who is or was afraid of Santa? It’s hard for us to fathom that kids would be afraid of a jolly man who brings them gifts, yet many of them are.

  • They won’t go near him.
  • They cry or scream from his lap.
  • They won’t speak to him.
  • They are traumatized after walking past him in the mall.

Despite our best efforts to understand and soothe, their fear still remains.

And maybe it is for good reason.

Take a look at some scary Santas that may provide justification for their fears.

Day 88 - one of the scarier Santa's in a shop window. WTF?!


Come Here My Little Pretty.  Want To Be Part of Santa's Christmas Stew?


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  1. Janet W. says

    LOL! This actually made me laugh looking at some of these pictures! The looks on some of these kids faces are priceless! I’d look like that too if I had to sit on these laps!

  2. says

    I was always afraid of Santa. I remember being like 4 years old and promising my mom that would be the year I’d sit on Santa’s lap. We’d stand in line at Marshall Field’s in downtown Chicago and I’d still be promising her all the way to the front of the line before I’d freak and scream. After that my brother would babysit me while my parents went Christmas shopping and I made my mom take my list with her so SHE could give it to Santa for me.

    After I was in high school a friend and I did see Santa at the local mall and that was the first time I sat on Santa’s lap.

  3. says

    I wouldn’t step foot near them! I should give you our Walmart Santa to add to this, it was ridiculous. I’m gonna pull it out and FB you tomorrow lol.