10 tips to keep you from going broke this holiday season

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This article, which features 10 tips to help you save money this holiday season, was supported by Quicksales; opinions and ideas are my own.

It’s that time of year again.

The time when everyone is shopping.

Every day.

Both online and off.

Looking for great deals so they can check items off of their holiday gift giving list without going broke.

WTAE-TV in Pittsburg reports on 4 easy ways to save on holiday shopping.

1.  Don’t shop too early

Wait as long as possible to buy wrapping and decorations to take advantage of sales closer to Christmas.

2.  Use gift cards

Buy gifts with gift cards to rack up rewards points for yourself. Sort of paying yourself back for shopping!

3.  Get social

Like fan pages to take advantage of special social media offers including coupons and advance sale notifications in additional to using apps to find the best deals.

4.  Only buy on sale

Hunt down bargains and watch for great sales.

Combine those tips with my tips below and your wallet will thank you come January.


5.  Shop used

Used doesn’t necessarily mean broken or defective. Used can mean collectible or antique. Used can mean rare and hard-to-find.

6.  Buy handmade

Handmade items are usually made by moms who are trying to supplement their family income. By buying handmade you help out others who are trying to be able to afford Christmas gifts and on top of it the quality you get for the money is far superior than commercially available items. They also have low overhead which can lower the cost as well.

7.  Shop local / small business

Shopping local has many benefits. First it supports your local economy which can come back to you with lower prices overall. It also saves you gas and shipping costs.

8.  Price compare

The internet and smartphones make it so easy to shop around for the best price. Make sure that you are getting the best price available before you buy.

9.  Look for free shipping

If you are shopping online and think you have found the lowest price, make sure you keep shipping costs in mind. Sometimes the lowest price plus shipping costs a lot more than the next lowest price with free shipping.

10. Make your own gifts, cards or wrapping paper

Pick up a case of canning jars and make your own jams, jellies or homemade cookies. You can print labels on the computer and spend around $2-$3 per gift. You can print cards on your computer and buy a blank roll of drawing paper and let your kids decorate it.

One of the best places to shop where you can implement many of these tips is at an online auction site such as Quicksales. These sites are laid out to help you find exactly what you need, or shop for the perfect gift for someone on your list.

Money saving benefits of shopping at an online auction site

Some of the benefits of shopping at an online auction site as they relate to some of the money saving tips above:

  • Shopping used – Online auction sites are filled with new, almost new, and used items, often at significant savings over buying at a retail store. And if there is someone on your list who loves vintage or antique items, online auction sites provide the best access to these types of items.
  • Buy handmade – Many artisans sell their handmade goods on online auction sites because it saves them time and money vs attending vendor shows. It also gets their items more national availability.
  • Shop local / small business – This ties in to the handmade point above, most online auction sites allow you to see where the item is being sold from. In many cases if it is local to you, you not only support yourl ocal economy but save on shipping costs if you can obtain a local pickup.
  • Price compare – online auction sites allow you to check out complete lists of available items and shop and compare to find the best price.
  • Look for free shipping – many listings on online auction sites have free shipping, just make sure you compare the prices and factor in shipping cost to determine which is a better deal, an item with free shipping or a lower priced item with a shipping charge.

Online auction sites can be a great resource for holiday shopping and getting the most bang for your buck. You are buying from an individual or small company but can review feedback about the seller to determine if they are a good vendor. Most sites also protect you from a bad sale by providing a refund if you don’t receive your items.

And if you have someone wacky on your list who wants a Lost In Space Robot Bobblehead, you can find it, and many other unique items.


Do you shop online auction sites for holiday gifts?

Do you have any additional money saving tips to add?

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  1. Janet W. says

    Price comparing between stores always saves me money. It make take a little extra time and effort, but it’s so worth it!

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