A modern day “Red Ryder BB Gun” Christmas Theme

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My son’s teacher had been mentioning that they were working on writing “persuasive” essays in school, and my son had said that he had finished his. I really didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the idea, I just assumed it was another classroom assignment and knew he would do fairly well with it as usual.

I asked him about it the other day and he said “I will share it with you, and hopefully I can convince you, persuade you, that it is right.”

I chuckled.

This morning he shared his essay with me.

And I realized that he was channeling his inner Ralphie.

The problem is that I just don’t have a clever response that makes as much sense as “you’ll shoot your eye out” does.

Modern Day "You'll shoot your eye out" Christmas theme

Here is his essay:

Why I Should Get ROBLOX Builder’s Club For Lifetime

An Argumentative (Persuasive) Essay By Jacob Grabinski

I should get ROBLOX Builder’s Club For Lifetime because I barely have any good stuff in ROBLOX, I can get free Robux (in-game money) every day, and I can get a lot of features with BC.

Here is why:

I could get in-game money (like Robux and Tix) to buy new accessories. I could also trade in the Robux for Tix, a.k.a Tickets, (also in-game money), to buy stuff. But mostly everything is for Robux.

I can get free Robux (in-game money) every day. Like I said in the first reason, I can trade them in for Tix to buy stuff. Or I could buy Robux stuff. But like I said above, mostly everything is for Robux.

I can get a lot of features with BC. I can create games that everyone on ROBLOX would join, play, and have fun. I could also get a lot of stuff like clothes, hats, and more to accessorize my character. I could also create awesome stuff for people to buy and use and comment something like this, “Wow, this is a great accessory!” Or they could send me a private message saying, “EDITED FOR PRIVACY (my username), the accessory is really awesome. You should make something else like it!”

That is why I should get ROBLOX BC for Lifetime.

Roblox is an online game where kids can build things and interact in their worlds with other players (safely). He enjoys the game and meets up virtually with his friends to play it. I am actually impressed with the online safety methods they have in place for kids under age 13.

Roblox BC Lifetime starts at $199.95 so I obviously have that excuse. But it just doesn’t have the same ooomph as “you’ll shoot your eye out” does.

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  1. Karen Bondi says

    Well, he has been getting money for his birthday and if he gets some for Christmas he can save up to buy it himself if he really wants it.

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