Do I Really Need A Fridge That Big?

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Modern fridges are bucking the trend and becoming smaller with more usable compartments, replacing large and outdated inefficient fridges. Read on to understand why.

Modern life and modern design is neat, tidy and organised.  Tablets and Google have eliminated the need for hundreds of cook books, modern pull out shelving is replacing large pantries and cumbersome drawers, and even the dishwasher halved in size with the advent of the dish drawer. In this way our homes are slowly but surely becoming less cluttered. But one part of the home has always been an unruly domain that defies even the best efforts of organisation – the fridge.

The Simplistic Approach

The standard approach to keeping a tidy refrigerator is simple, get a big fridge that holds everything with ease, do your best to arrange the contents orderly and clean it out when it starts to smell a bit funky. This has led to us owning ever-larger fridges that become the dominant feature of the kitchen, a somewhat counter-intuitive move considering that modern design is meant to make things smaller and less intrusive. Well, Fisher & Paykel have the answer, and like all modern designs it is oh so simple, it is the Cooldrawer, and it allows you to fit your fridge anywhere. Of course, there is still a need for large fridges for those of us with many mouths to feed, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of large fridges? Do you really need a fridge that big?


Because Size Matters

Large fridges are great when you need the space and have them fully stocked. Where the performance of large fridges suffer however, is when the internal space is not being utilised. A full fridge can maintain a steady, cool temperature. An empty fridge on the other hand must use much more energy to maintain the cold temperature due to the increased amount of cold air that needs to be kept cool. When an empty fridge is opened, and cold air escapes, the fridge must re-cool the now warm air resulting in more electricity consumption and fluctuating temperatures.

The lesson here is clearly to choose a refrigerator that is the right size for the amount of food you store inside it. This usually comes down to the number of people living under the same roof. However large family doesn’t necessary mean big refrigerator. By doing groceries more regularly, you’ll need less space in your fridge and eat more fresh food too!

Multi-Compartment Fridge

The CoolDrawer from Fisher&PaykelAnother solution to this problem is having a multi-compartment fridge, or multiple fridges.

Multi-compartment fridges are the most efficient way to refrigerate food. By dividing the use of a fridge into two or more smaller compartments, items can be better stored and fridges better used to maximise space and to minimize energy. This concept is by no means new; the division between refrigerator and freezer is a perfect example of space and energy efficiency.

The modern kitchen will not be dominated by the large, overbearing fridge. Instead, with the introduction of smaller, compartmentalised fridges, it will be less cluttered, and more energy efficient.

Photo Credit: Fisher & Paykel

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  1. says

    Mine is probably bigger than I need most of the time, but I do keep a few containers of frozen water in it to help use less energy.

    One odd thing about the size of the new large refrigerators that I never thought of before we started looking at houses: the kitchens in most older homes do not have space for them. We’re looking at houses, hoping to move by this summer, and one that I really liked had a great kitchen, lots of cabinets and counter space, but we would have to get someone to come in and cut through the built-in pantry to make room for our fridge, which is considerably wider than the space.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    When I was a kid, my mom’s fridge was ALWAYS jam packed, but now that I have my own house, I feel like my fridge is always empty. I don’t know how she did it.

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