Make reading an adventure with Reading Rainbow

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When my son was 3 years old, he was reading words and short sentences. My daughter is almost 5 and can identify a few short words, but not many. I am constantly struggling with comparing them and wondering if he was incredibly advanced or she is behind. Or some combination of both. She’s a smart kid in so many ways and as a parent part of me feels like I should let her be smart in HER way and not compare her to her brother. Another part of me, however, wants to at least make sure I provide her with the proper tools she needs to learn.

Since 1983, Reading Rainbow has been encouraging kids to read through their PBS Television show. Reading Rainbow stopped airing in 2009 but has made a great comeback in the form of an iPad app.

This app makes stories come to life, and with hundreds of books, games and videos to choose from, it packs a lot of activity into a small package. Like the TV series, the app is hosted by actor LeVar Burton and he is joined by a book buddy names “Austin”.

The video below is a great intro to the app:

The app is free and you get a free book per child that you add to the app. The free book gives you a feel for how the app works. Your child can choose to have the book read to them or read it themselves, and some of the pages in the book are interactive and makes sounds or change when they press on the page. If you want more than the free book you can purchase a subscription for $9.99/mo or save with a 6 month subscription for $29.99.

I am super impressed with this app and am about to purchase the 6 month subscription. Abby loves to read by herself and often makes up the words to books, but this doesn’t help me teach her. Reading Rainbow will allow her to be independent and hopefully learn at the same time. The graphics are fun and engaging, and right from the moment you turn on the app, something fun begins to happen. There are 175 books so I do foresee her running out of new things to read, but Reading Rainbow says they are adding new books and new islands all the time.

I can’t wait to see what adventure she uncovers in these books!

Now let me ask you, what tools do you use to help your kids get excited about reading and learning to read?

Note: This is a sponsored post from Reading Rainbow. Opinions expressed are my own.
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  1. Maryann says

    My boys love to read, thank goodness. I had a horrible time learning to read when I was a child so I’m thrilled mine seem to be picking it up without all the issues I had.

  2. Katey says

    I remember Reading Rainbow well! This looks like a great app, I’ll definitely have to have my daughter check it out! :)

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