Which Potato makes a Better Battery? Science Fair Inspiration from #NetflixKids

When it comes to science fair projects, I have nothing more than a blank look on my face when my son asks for ideas.

Science is just not my thing.

I don’t understand the process.


Isosceles triangles.


Is that math?

It doesn’t matter, thankfully my husband has a knack for these things.

For this year’s science fair my son decided that he wanted to create a potato battery, but more than that, he wanted to know if an organic potato made a better battery than a conventional potato.

He won a First Place Ribbon!



I’m not exactly sure where he came up with the idea but Netflix has some great programming that can help jump-start any science fair project.

Get inspiration from these great shows on Netflix:


  1. How Stuff Works
  2. How Do They Do It
  3. Is It Possible?
  4. Build It Bigger
  5. How the Universe Works
  6. Extreme Engineering
  7. Mythbusters

Has your kid done a science fair project this year? Are they planning one?

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