Pictures of dogs to make you go “awwwww”

I love dogs. Dogs can bring even the crabbiest people to crack a smile.

Dogs offer unconditional love.

They don’t talk back.

They just have a way about them that truly make them man’s (and women’s) best friend.

Take a look at some pictures of dogs that will make you melt and even the toughest of you say “awwwww” from heartbreak, joy and maybe a little humor.

Like these? Go chime on on the debate of which are cuter, cats or dogs.

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  1. err... says

    did anyone else notice that dog in the first photo was enjoying that rub down a little TOO much… *cough* if you examine the picture at all…

  2. Melissa Mannozzi says

    Thank you for this! I’m totally going to post a link to your site. This melted my heart.

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