I think this was payback for something I did as a child.

See this?

Cute right?

Little girl loves her stuffed Christmas kitty.

My Mom gave it to Abby yesterday after we spent some time at their house and Abby was playing with it and fell in love with it.

How nice of Grandma to send her home with a new toy, right?

Not if you have to live with said toy and 2-year old girl.

(turn the volume up and make sure you watch it all the through)

Uh, thanks Mom.


  1. Sarah says

    She’s a totally cutie, but yeah the cat has to go…hope she’s outgrown it by now. If not, hope your mother ears have learned to tune it out, my son has many toys I’ve been able to tune right out.

  2. April J says

    That is so funny! I almost bought my daughter a toy similar to that, but by the time we got to the front of the store to check out, I was already annoyed by it, so needless to say, we left it at the store!!:)

  3. says

    OMG!! If your mother wasn’t so adorable, I’d have to tell you to smack her. AS IF it’s not bad enough that it “MEOWs” the Christmas song, then it has to SCREECH when you pull the tail. YIKES!
    God bless you Kim, so glad Abby is such a cutie.

  4. says

    Ahh yes, just like the 3 different chickens at my grandma’s that do the chicken dance that my kids just adore and I know one day will be in my house. That kitty is really one of a kind – whew!

  5. vwbug says

    My mom tried to give my kids a reindeer that sang “My grandma got ran over by a reindeer”… we left it at her house. GRIN

  6. Karen says

    The temper tantrums you had in the store when you did not get what you wanted.
    At least she is happy. It keeps her occupied. Just get ear plugs and learn sign language.

  7. says

    Is that the super sick kitty toy??? Ha ha ha. He sounds like he is dying at the end.

    I think that grandparents live to do that kind of thing. My mother gave my three year old a huge bear that sings O Sole Mio in a ridiculously loud, horrid Italian accent.

    She played it so much the first day, I wanted to scream. I tried to hide it and she cried for it.

    Finally, one day I went out and my husband was home with the kids. When I got back, the bear was silent and my daughter was crying, “Daddy broke it. Daddy broke it.”

    Guess he couldn’t stand it either. He ripped the voice box thing out.

  8. monique says

    LOL! She’s gonna chase you around the whole house with that thing. And the music? Like NOW? Really? It’s August! Haha.

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