And so it begins – Kenpo runs in the family!

Tracy's Kenpo Karate

My kids had their first Kenpo Karate lesson last week, and I can’t even begin to explain how proud and excited I am for them to finally start learning. Kenpo was a very large part of my life in my 20′s and along with them, I have gone back to it after a 10 year… 

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The Project: Immersive Fitness from Les Mills

Immersive Fitness – Enter Another Dimension with Les Mills ‘The Project’

I am a big fan of Les Mills fitness programs. I have never done one of their group classes, but I do have one of their DVD plans, Les Mills Combat and it is fantastic. Les Mills programs are creative and effective, inspiring not only fitness but confidence as well. I have never actually attending… 

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Do More Jumping Jacks – Live Confidently with LBL

This post brought to you by Poise at Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine. We all know there are things that no one tells you about motherhood. Usually they don’t tell you because they are the things that would SCARE YOU AWAY. And it really is annoying that such a natural thing as bearing children can leave… 

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My Virtual Mission

5 Amazing Places to Go for a Jog – Go There With My Virtual Mission

I would imagine most people would enjoy being able to travel and experience the different cultures, food and architecture across the globe. Being able to experience first-hand the places you have only read about or seen on television can be a dream-come-true. Even if you haven’t created a formal bucket list, I bet you could… 

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Dill Pickle Salad with Sour Cream and Honey

Dill Pickle Salad or Dip Recipe – Perfect for 4th of July Entertaining

Any idea what those are? If you read the title of this article, then you probably guessed that it’s a pickle plant. We are growing pickles this year with the hope of canning some ourselves. It’s not a lot, but something we  have always wanted to try. If you know anything about my lifestyle, we… 

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House MD workout - get in shape while watching House M.D.

Dr. House M.D. – The Workout

My husband and I don’t actually like a lot of the same things, especially when it comes to TV. So when we do find a show that we agree on, it becomes almost an obsession. Generally most of what we watch is on Netflix because we enjoy being able to sit down together after the… 

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DIY Cast Iron Pan Protector

DIY Cast Iron Pan Protectors

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine. If you use cast iron cook wear on a regular basis, you know that taking care of it presents challenges that don’t exist with other types of cook wear. In order for cast iron to cook properly, it needs to be seasoned. In… 

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