Our Generation Dolls for Valentine’s Day


My daughter has recently discovered a certain very expensive brand of dolls and she goes ga-ga over the catalog that mysteriously started showing up in the mail every few months.

But let’s be real.

She’s five.

And I am not independently wealthy.

But thanks to Our Generation Dolls, my daughter has found something she likes better.

Our Generation Sandie

We actually discovered the Our Generation Dolls at Target one day a couple of months ago. Abby exclaimed “Mommy, they have *insert name of high priced popular doll brand here*”. She then followed up with….”can I get one?” Coincidentally she had returned a birthday gift she already had an had enough money to get an Our Generation Doll. Seeing as how they are reasonably priced for us normal folks.

She brought her new friend home.

For Christmas, fate (aka Grandma & Grandpa) awarded her with a Target gift card. She new exactly what she wanted. A horse for her doll. And she got it! It didn’t cost that much more than the doll itself, which was incredible. During the next couple of weeks she managed to sweet-talk trick me into buying her new shoes and a dog for her doll.

Before we go any further, consider this – the doll, the horse, the dog and the shoes cost less combined than the dolls in that catalog she gets in the mail.

Our Generation Dolls are a win-win. Seriously. Oh and they have all sort of other fun accessories that Abby has ranked in order of importance for next time we go shopping including a scooter and a jeep. Oh and she just reminded me, another horse.

And I love their message!

Our Generation isn’t just about a doll or a book or even a fantastic miniature tea set.

It’s about girls growing up together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation.

And parents who understand the pressures of being a girl more than
any generation of parents before them.

It’s about a website where a girl can weigh in on issues that are important to her.
Or spend hours creating the next new look for a fashion-forward doll. Or crafting
a heart that will represent her story on a Wall of Hearts that represents the
story of her entire generation. (Who knows, her heart may even end
up on Our Generation packaging.)

Our Generation is about girls helping girls who are less fortunate
because they want to and because they know they can.

And packaging that’s eco-friendly for a generation who wouldn’t
accept anything less.

It’s about accessories that speak to the multifaceted lives girls live.

It’s about quality dolls at prices aimed to not exclude anyone.

It’s about giving girls a voice to create and shape a community they love.

It’s about a very important generation and its story.

So anyhow, I got off on a tangent talking to you about how my daughter and I are such huge fans of Our Generation, I forget to tell you about their newest doll Sandie, who is just in time for Valentines Day!

Sandie is a gorgeous brunette doll with braids, bright blue eyes, a pink ruffled blouse, pleated jean skirt, a heart shaped purse, a headband and heart accents.

Our Generation Doll Sandie

It was love at first sight when Abby saw her.

our generation doll

Sandie makes a great addition to Abby’s doll collection and is a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Our Generation has a great feature on their website that lets kids create a heart image and share it on the Our Generation “Wall of Hearts“. After they create their hearts, kids can share the image with all Our Generation fans. Once it is published they can go to the Wall and see their creation and check out all the other awesome hearts made by Our Generation fans. In addition to that, Our Generation chooses hearts from the wall and uses them to decorate their packaging. How cool is that?

wall of hearts


You can find Our Generation dolls at your local Target store (use the Where to Find tool on their website) or at Target.com.

Note: I received the product shown to facilitate our review, opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Karen says

    One year ago last Christmas I gave her a blonde one and she did not like it and traded it with another brand I had with brown hair. I also gave her a dog with it. I guess it was just a year to soon.