Controversy, Healthy, I Said So

Obesity – let your fingers do the walking


Our culture is lazy. We all know that. This is why get-rich quick schemes and fad diets are so popular. Promises of easy money and fast weight loss. Change your life with no actual effort on your part.

It’s appealing, right?

But it never works.

We end up poorer and fatter.

This is part of the reason:


That is an ad I came across on a website today.

Take the first step to lose weight without getting up.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Bariatric surgery is controversial. It works for some, but not others and everyone has his or her own opinion about whether or not it is safe or necessary. That is not the reason this ad infuriates me. Someone’s decision to undergo surgery is their personal decision, the problem with this ad stems from the message it sends.

Part of the reason people are obese is because they don’t get up enough. Sending the message that there is a magic cure to obesity is like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound. It may stop the bleeding on the outside, but there is damage on the inside that cannot be undone until the bullet is removed. Promising people weight loss on the premise of not having to move their body, change their habits and possibly seek counseling to achieve health is nothing but a marketing ploy and doesn’t do much more than assure these people will end up right back in the same situation a year later.

This message is wrong.

It is not ok to remove personal accountability from the equation.

The first step should be an actual step.

Not a phone call to a surgery center.