Motivational fitness quotes and pictures

January is in full swing and I wonder how many people have already fore-gone their fitness resolutions.

It’s hard to stick to a fitness plan when life gets in the way.

Sometimes we just need a boost.

Something to remind us why we are doing it.

Something to motivate us to stick with it.

Something to give us a swift kick in the butt to get moving.

So below I put together a collection of quotes and pictures that are sure to provide motivation and inspiration!


  1. says

    Holy Cow! I never saw the after pics of anyone from that season of Biggest Loser. That’s freaking awesome! I haven’t started trying yet because of my ankle. I start Monday. I should see if there’s some kind of soft brace I can wear to exercise in so I don’t re-injure it right away.

  2. Dee @ COcktails with Mom says

    I’ve been working out a bit more recently and really do enjoy the extra boost of motivation.

  3. Barbara M says

    These quotes are sooo excellent – thank you for sharing this.
    I work out regularly and appreciate the boost.

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