Meal Planning Template for Microsoft OneNote

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Did you know that Microsoft Office 365 isn’t just for businesses? This suite of programs makes it super easy to streamline essential household tasks, and now comes in a Personal version that is not only affordable, you can access it both at home and on the go.  In short, you can take all of your organizational documents with you where ever you go!

office 365 personal

One of the things I have been missing in my life is a proper meal planning template to use as I plan our meals each week. I wanted something that was easy to use, easy to access from on the go, and easy to reuse my favorite recipes.

OneNote was a great option for me to create my meal planning template!

meal planning page

The meal plan has 2 sections, a weekly calendar section and a recipe section. OneNote is an amazing tool because you can add links to your recipe section or add external links to open a recipe from the web. Within the calendar section is a grocery list page. You can open OneNote on your mobile phone and actually check off the items as you shop.

meal plan

grocery list

meal plan recipes

OneNote is a fantastic tool for anything you want to keep track of. You can even insert excel spreadsheets into a OneNote Notebook, “print” just about anything into a OneNote page and create an entire virtual noteboook that is organized and always at your fingertips.

OneNote on mobile devices

Your Office 365 Personal subscription allows you to use OneNote on one PC and one iPad. You also can use OneNote on any number of smartphones for free.

Check out my meal planning template on my iPad. You have full functionality with OneNote for iPad. You can create and edit your notebooks, adds pages, sections and more.

onenote for ipad

Check out my meal planning template on my iPhone. On the iPhone you can view notebooks that have been created on your PC or iPad.

onenote iphone

Download the meal planning template for OneNote

Download link: Meal planning template

To add the template to OneNote, simply download the file to your computer, and double click on it. It will begin to import into OneNote.

Meal Planning Template - download this FREE meal planning template for Microsoft OneNote
This is a sponsored post but opinions and template are my own.


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  1. Haydee says

    This seems very very helpful, but I just can’t access it on my Mac. I was wondering if you knew how to..

  2. Kristina says

    Has anyone had a problem with getting the file to unpack? When I open it in one note, it has a pop up that says “unpacking…” and it gets pretty far but then just seems to stall after a while & never opens.
    Just checking to see if anyone else may have had this issue..

  3. emily says

    Wow! Thank you! You’re awesome to have included such great instructions. I just downloaded. I’m not new to Onenote, but I’m not too saavy with it either. This looks like it will be easy for me.

  4. Jill Radke says

    I downloaded the file just fine, but when I tried to open it, the error message said it’s from an older version of OneNote and cannot be opened. What version is it from? I use 2007.

  5. Summer says

    I need to give this a try, I use OneNote for everything else including recipes. I just can’t seem to make menu planning stick, maybe this will help since OneNote is already integrated in my daily routines!

  6. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says

    Wow, that is so handy!!! I love preparing meals a head of time. If I don’t we always order take out and I really hate that!

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