How to Make Moving Easier & Exciting For Your Kids

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This article, written by a visiting author, provides tips for making moving easier for your kids.

Children who learn to adjust to new environments and connect to nature grow into more sensible adults. However, it is the duty of parents to nurture patience.

The New York Times covered a study on moving, and the results revealed that moving is naturally tough on children. It’s normal for them to be upset over leaving behind their friends and home.


However, how you will plan your move determines how well the kids will adjust. Moving with these few pointers in mind can actually make it easy, exciting and inspirational for your children:

Choose Your New Neighborhood Together

The children will be happier to move if they choose their new neighborhoods and homes themselves. Ask your kids about their expectations. Conduct the home search together and take the kids’ input very seriously; make them feel important and a part of the decision.

Children are better judges in some aspects: if you listen to them, you may end up in more chirpy and vivacious neighborhoods. Choose homes with bigger lawns and open spaces that allow you to enjoy greenery and fresh air. This is a good chance to introduce your little ones to the benefits of living among plants and enjoying neighborhood parks.

Discuss Apprehensions and Get Prepared

Talk openly with your little ones and discuss with them any fears that they have regarding moving. It is best to let the tears flow; listen carefully to your kids and understand their anxieties.

Be clear about the problems (if any) that they will be facing in the new neighborhood and look upon them as challenges; settle solutions for those problems beforehand. Prepare well for the move by maintaining good communication throughout.

Take Time in Packing and Unpacking

Do not rush things; make the moving procedure as slow and relaxed as possible. Both packing and unpacking should be done in an organized way so the kids do not lose their favorite items or toys. Your job is to pack your kids’ stuff separately and label their boxes specifically.

During the move, de-clutter all the rooms and keep personal belongings safe. Many national moving companies offer full value protection so that you can financially insure your possessions during the move. Some companies can also help in creating customized packages, which is a great option to get kids excited.

Build Expectations

Hope makes the world go round – tell your children that there is a lot to expect from new surroundings. A new home and new neighborhood will give them loads of new opportunities to benefit from.

If the children are sad about leaving behind their bedroom or their favorite swing in the backyard, tell them that the new ones will be equally good and they will have a chance to redecorate their spaces again.

Establish New Goals for a New Home

Tell your kids that many people crave a new start, and they are lucky to have one too. A fresh beginning is healthy for the mind and body, and this will help the whole family in opening up to new prospects.

Sit down with your kids and jot down a list of things to do in your new home: make resolutions and set new goals that will help you attain a happy and a healthy living environment.

Once the old chapter is closed, the little ones will get more excited for the new one and label it as ‘home’ sooner than expected.

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