Leaving the house with your kids? Do this first….

I read a tip not that long ago that when you leave the house with your kids you should take a picture of them with your cell phone first.  This way if something happens, you have a picture of what they were wearing that day.

I thought this was such a simple yet brilliant idea!

I almost forgot to do this yesterday when we went to the fair, but I remembered not long after we arrived.

I would say it’s a good idea to do this before your kids go outside to play too.  I plan on making it a habit every morning.  I think it will be kind of fun to compare the pictures each day and have 365 of them at the end of the year.  Great for memory making and in case something terrible happens, you have a record of exactly how your kids looked that day.

I took this photo with my Samsung Galaxy S3 from Verizon.  It takes amazing pictures.

Disclosure: As a participant in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Savvy Moms program I have been provided with a wireless device and service in order to evaluate and share the product.


  1. Teresha says

    that is a brilliant idea! The Galaxy s3 does take great photos and does other amazing things I don’t know ho to do, LOL!

  2. says

    I need to remember this, probably a good idea to do it every morning when they leave for school too. The number of missing children is absolutely terrifying. I would do anything at all that I can do to lessen the risk of abduction or help in the recovery should the worst thing in the world happen.

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