And so it begins – Kenpo runs in the family!

My kids had their first Kenpo Karate lesson last week, and I can’t even begin to explain how proud and excited I am for them to finally start learning. Kenpo was a very large part of my life in my 20’s and along with them, I have gone back to it after a 10 year absence.

It’s amazing how much I remember, and how well my body remembers as well.

Tracy's Kenpo Karate

After my first lesson 2 weeks ago, I was SO SORE! Martial Arts works muscles that you didn’t know that you had, and I am excited to have this as part of my fitness routine again, not to mention the confidence it provides knowing I can defend myself if needed.

I hope my kids continue in Kenpo and develop the same passion for it that I have. It’s very hard not to pressure them because in my mind I already envision their path to black belt, but in the end I know it needs to be their decision.

Do you or your kids study martial arts?


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