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mystery shopping jobslinger I recently logged into a Mystery Shopping website that I am a member of, and discovered new resource for Mystery Shopping called JobSlinger. JobSlinger appears to be a mystery shopping jobs board that lists jobs not just from a single Mystery Shopping companies, but from multiple companies, giving you a one stop shop for all your mystery shopping. Registration is free, but before you register you can type in your zip code to see all the available jobs in your area.

If you do not know what mystery shopping is, in brief, it is an opportunity to essentially work from your home or your neighborhood reporting specific information on local businesses who sign up for the service. It often involves a purchase that you will either return or be reimbursed for and you also get a flat fee on top of it. I would bet you could average making at least $10/hr doing this for a couple hours a week even after you factor in gas.

From the site:

JobSlinger is for mystery shoppers, merchandisers, demonstrators and auditors!

Your FREE JobSlinger membership gives you access to more than any other jobsite on the web, including:

  • Valid job listings from hundreds of the best companies via our partners: SASSIE, Volition, MSPA and DemoZilla. Thousands of new jobs posted every day!!!
  • Current listings — as soon as it’s posted, you get to see it!
  • All the listings on the site for all members!
  • Membership is free — and it will always stay free!

Based upon my research and experience, SASSIE and Volition are 2 of the major Mystery Shopping Companies, and I imagine the others listed are up there as well.

What do you think, are you going to sign up? Have you ever done Mystery Shopping? Do you recommend it as a good work at home opportunity?


  1. says

    My Mom did it for awhile, but I do think she struggled a bit with trying to remember all the things she needed to pay attention to and report back on. I really don’t think that will be an issue for you!

  2. Jenny says

    People tell me all the time I should be a personal shopper. I do love it, and with my history in retail I bet it would be interesting! We’ll see, I will have to look into it. Did your mom like it?

  3. Jenny says

    Thanks Kim for the info! I have always wondered how you become one of those secret shoppers. I think this might be my calling….. ;) I might have to check it out.

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