It was the same gun! ‘Honeybee’ killer identified!

During a press conference today the Will County, Illinois and Lake County, Indiana Sheriff’s departments announced that the weapon used by Gary Amaya in a foiled armed robbery attempt (that lead to his death) is the same weapon used in the bistate ‘honeybee’ shootings.

Lowell farmer Keith Dahl who was shot during the shooting spree in October also identified Amaya as his shooter.

According to Will County, there still is a lot of forensic evidence to sift through, but these two facts strongly point to Amaya as the killer.

I can’t even imagine how the man who ended up shooting Amaya with his own gun during the robbery attempt in order to prtect his baby daughter must feel.  First he’s a hero for preventing the robbery attempt (and who knows what else) but now he may be responsible for helping close the honeybee killer case and finally giving this area a little bit more reason to rest easy this Christmas.

I’d love to send that man a Christmas card!

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