Is Big Spot a scam?

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Every once in awhile I happen to catch a commercial for Big Spot surveys on TV, promising people they can earn money by taking paid surveys.

Sounds great right?

In this economy many people have to be enticed by the commercials.

Or maybe not.

Maybe you are a skeptic.

Maybe you want to know: “is Big Spot a scam?”

I’ve said it before in a few articles in the past, but having just seen the commercials again the other day, I want to highlight a few things that you should know before signing up with a company that promises to set you up with paid survey opportunities.

Before I get into that, I do want to assure you that there are legitimate market research companies out there who will pay you for your time.  They exist. You just have to know how to identify the legit from the scams.

You will not get rich, but you might make enough to buy yourself a pizza every now and again.

Let’s take a closer look at Big Spot:

Is Big Spot a scam?

  • Big Spot does not collect money from you.
  • Big Spot collects your name, address and email address.
  • Big Spot does not administer surveys.
  • Big Spot does provide you with a short list of survey companies that will pay you for your time.

Big Spot is not a scam, per se, but you don’t need Big Spot.  In fact, providing your personal information to a third party in exchange for a list is just not smart.  Neither is paying someone for the same list, which some onlines site have been known to do.

Market research companies, in fact, ask you to report companies that do not provide the information for free.

As I mentioned above, you can make some extra cash taking paid surveys.  But you need to be informed any wary before signing up for anything online.  A legitimate survey company will not provide you with “free offers” for signing up.  They will likely have a detailed form for you to fill out to match you with relevant surveys – this is called demographics – advertisers and brands target certain audiences.  They will administer the surveys themselves and be the ones to pay you or provide you with rewards points you will redeem for cash.

So how do you find these legit companies?

You can search the web.  Read reviews.  Learn which ones are legit and which ones are not.  Do your homework!

I have a list of sites that I have experience with that you can feel safe signing up for.  Read my descriptions for more information about each company.

Big Spot does not pay you to take surveys.  They collect your personal information then give you a list of companies they do pay survey takers.

If you want to read more about, I have some previous posts I wrote here:

My list:

Legit Free Paid Survey Sites

Good luck!

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  1. says

    Bigspot has always been a company that I did not reccomend to any of my readers aswell. They are just a third party that use peoples names to gather data for affiliate revenue. They offer pay to click and pay to offer programs. This is not a true Market Research company. Market Research companies do not share your information.

    John B

  2. Janet W. says

    I don’t waste my time with online surveys. I live in a big market, Atlanta, and they have paid in-person focus groups with a ton of different companies. That’s where you make the big money!

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