Investigators search Illinois home of new “honeybee Killer” suspect

Yesterday we learned that a man killed during a robbery attempt over the weekend in an Orland Park, IL tanning salon might be the “honeybee killer” who killed two people in October during a bistate shooting spree in Beecher, IL and Lowell, IN.

Today authorities are searching the man’s house.

Gary Amaya of Rankin, IL attempted to rob the tanning salon in Orland Park but a brave customer stopped him and he was shot with his own gun – a gun that is said to be the same caliber as that of the one used in the Honeybee shootings.

I can’t wait to see a photo of this guy to see how closely it matches the original honeybee killer sketch.

Timeline of events (NWI Times)

  • Oct. 5: Two construction workers are shot at a home near Beecher, Ill. Rolando Alonso, 45, of Hammond, is killed. Josh Garza, 19, of Dyer, is critically wounded. An hour later, a man believed to be the same gunman shoots farmer Keith Dahl, 64, in rural Lowell.
  • Saturday: Gary Amaya, of Rankin, Ill., is shot and killed while allegedly attempting to rob a tanning salon in Orland Park.
  • Monday: Investigators search Amaya’s home after finding a possible link between him and the bistate shootings.

While investigators continue their search of Amaya’s home, his neighbors are shocked at hearing the news.


  1. says

    You poor thing, having to deal with all this. How is your son dealing with it? I remember your saying that he was having difficulty sleeping. I hope he is doing better and that they catch the killer soon and your neighborhood gets back to normal soon.
    We’ve had some terrible things happen in our community lately and it has been really hard on the kids in the area, so I understand how hard it is on you. A couple of my friends have small children that have been having trouble sleeping and having nightmares.
    Know that I am thinking of you and your family. HUGS!!

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