Dr. House M.D. – The Workout

house workout

My husband and I don’t actually like a lot of the same things, especially when it comes to TV. So when we do find a show that we agree on, it becomes almost an obsession.

Generally most of what we watch is on Netflix because we enjoy being able to sit down together after the kids go to bed each night, and so with entire seasons and series of great shows available, it is a great way for us to unwind and connect after a busy day.

Our current favorite show is House M.D.

I can’t tell you how long we have waited for House to come to Netflix and finally the entire series is available! We have been watching it regularly for weeks now and are about halfway through.

At one point, as we were watching, I noticed that they repeat a LOT of names and medical terms and I thought it would be cool to design a workout where you perform an exercise every time they say a specific word or name.

This way, as you sit and watch House for the approximately 45 minutes, you can also get a workout in at the same time.

Dr. House M.D. – The Workout

(click image for a printable PDF)

House MD workout - get in shape while watching House M.D.

Do you watch House? Is there another show you watch that you would like to have a workout to accompany it? I’d love suggestions for new workouts!

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I received a Netflix subscription and a Roku 3 in order to facilitate my participation in this program.

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  1. Rebecca Orr says

    Hahaha….this is great! We owned (gave them all to my stepdaughter) all 8 seasons of House. We loved the show but have moved on to other shows now that it is all over. I am totally going to try this.

  2. says

    I so love this post! Such a fun idea, Kim and beautifully executed. I want you to do this for every show out there.

    Actually, I’m going to steal your idea and do one for baseball because it can get sooo boring and slow at times. :)

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