“But I haven’t completed my question.”

This was originally written on 6/23/2011 but never published. I discovered it today.


I’m not sure I’m comfortable with my children being so smart.

Tonight, my 3 year old daughter was stalling before bed.  Last night she had a nightmare about chickens.  Sounds funny right?  Chickens are funny.

Yeah, not at 2 am.

Here was the exchange (in as much as I can recall considering I should have been sleeping):

“Mommy the chicken went “bawkle” at me.”


“I had a dream about a chicken.  There is a chicken under my blanket.”

“Abby there are no chickens here.”

“But the chicken went “bawkle” at me.  I picked it up.”

“Abby there are no chickens here.”

“But mommy I don’t like the chicken.”

“Abby go back to bed.”

She goes back to bed.

I pretend to sleep knowing she will return.

The patter of little feet.

“Mommy are there chickens in my closet?”

“Abby there are no chickens here.”

“Mommy, will Simon eat the chickens?”

“Abby there are no chickens here but if there were, Simon would eat them.”

“So Simon will eat the chickens?”

“Yes.” (this may have been where I went wrong)

“I don’t like the chickens, what if they are under my bed?”

“Abby I just said there are no chickens.”

“But you said Simon was going to eat the chickens.”

….yeah cause I’m a moron

“Abby go to bed.”

She disappears again.

And returns.

“Mommy I am going to sleep with my eyes open so I can see the chickens.”

“Ok fine, just go to bed.”

“Mommy can I ask you a question about chickens?”

“Yes, one question then go to bed.”

“What if the chickens are in my closet?”

“I told you they are not in the closet.”

“But you said Simon would eat them.”


It worked, I guess.  I discovered her in her own bed this morning.

But this story isn’t really about chickens.

Tonight before bed, I got the inevitable talk about being afraid of having a bad dream about chickens because of her dream (documented above) from the previous night.

She was in and out of bed about 6 times, and the last time she said: “mommy can I ask you a question?”

So I told her she could ask one question.  She starting talking, more telling a story than asking a question, and then she paused and I humored her little story and then tried to usher her off to bed.

And then she said:

“But I haven’t completed my question.”


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