How to add your Facebook fan/business page to your employer profile on your personal page when it won’t show up

For the past few months I have been unable to add my blog’s fan page to my “employer” section of my personal Facebook profile.

It would not show up in the list no matter how many times I tried.

My old page shows up, but the new page that I made when I migrated off did not show up. I was very frustrated and tried time and again.

There is a workaround to this problem if you have a few minutes and the persistence to follow a few detailed steps. Take your time and follow step-by-step and you should see your fan page appear where it didn’t before.

Step 1:

  • You must have Firefox or Chrome installed on your computer.
  • You must install the Web Developer add-on by Chris Pederick (

Step 2:

  • Open your Facebook fan page and your Facebook personal profile in 2 separate tabs in either Chrome or Firefox.

Step 3:

  • Find your fan/business page id number.
  • Go to your fan page and click “edit page” then hover your mouse over “update info”. Look at the bottom of your browser for a URL that includes a long number. Write that number down.

Step 4:

  • Go to your personal page and click “about” under your name/profile pic.
  • Under “work and education” click “edit” and type your fan/business page number into the box (from step 3 above) and hit enter.
  • You will see something like this:

  • Copy the number you just typed in to your clipboard.
  • Now is when you will use the Web Developer add-in. On the toolbar, click “forms” then “display form details”. WARNING – you are gonna see a crazy mess of code that doesn’t make sense.
  • You need to look for a suitcase icon next to the page id you just typed in. Right below that is a box with a different number in it.

  • Replace that different number with your actual fan/business page id.

  • Hit enter.

  • Return to the web developer toolbar and uncheck “display form details”. You should now see your fan/business page listed and you can edit it to include your title and associated dates and information.

Step 5:

  • Fist pump.

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  1. says

    This no longer works as of 12 July 2014.

    Adding the dates, location, and position beforehand does not help. The “add” button is disabled and will not allow you to add your business page.

    If you attempt to use just the pb number (i.e. do not rename with the Web Tools plugin) it redirects to a FB filler page.

    I’m using Chrome.

  2. Jason says

    I tried this, however it did not work. The page I am linking to, which is the business I own, is not a number. I named and when hover over the edit page, it isn’t a number that comes up, it is the business name in that url line. for instance. So when I follow these steps, nothing happens when I hit enter and it does not link to my page. Any suggestions?

    • Jason says

      Also, when I input the exact way the name comes up in the url bar initially when entering in Work and Education, a warning from Facebook pops up saying I can not create that original content. I assume, because it already exists, but yet it won’t list it when I type it in

    • Jason says

      Never mind, figured it out…didnt see that helpful note in the other comments…that worked perfect. Thanks

  3. says

    Thank you, thank you! After days of trying to solve this f…issue I´ve done it with your help. I tried many other sites but yours was the only one working. Thank you from Argentina! Eduardo

  4. em says

    What if I am not an administrator of the page? I have installed and tried to use the web developer tool but I cannot find the ID number in the web address, because I cannot “edit the page” since I’m not an admin. The fan page has about 175 likes and was created several months ago, and others at this company have successfully added it to their work section, but it won’t come up on mine and nothing has worked for me.

    • Connor says

      Go to the photos tab and hover over on of the pictures. The page ID is the number that comes after “pb.”

      • Musavvir says

        Look for a 15 digit number after pb. – it worked.

        If hitting enter right away doesn’t work for you (as it didn’t work for me), enter position and location before using the web developer tool.

  5. Hannah says

    I tried and I don’t really understand because every time I hit enter after typing in the ID number it wouldn’t go in and when I clicked the tab below it with the same numbers it disappeared. Would really like some help to understand what my problem is !

    • Jessie says

      It does still work! Make sure you add your title in the business and location then press save, then it will appear correctly!

  6. says

    Awesome.. Thanks a lot :) And also Don`t forget to add the location of the work @ your Facebook personal profile. Thanks again for the helpful tip :)

  7. shar-la says

    BRILLIANT!!!! Thanks so much, that was amazing and i am so happy that worked, bloody facebook making shit hard, so thank you for sorting that! YAY!!!!!

  8. Robert says

    YES this works as the other solutions didn’t. But like the poster above said “When you hover over the manage page I had to scroll down to the “see banned users” to see the page ID #, and right click on that for Properties and copy and paste the number somewhere if you don’t want to write it down. ALSO make sure you enter in the location of the work, when you’re adding the work as it is a requirement for it to work.”

    • Karen says

      Thanks for pointing out the location! I didn’t realize I had to do this, so the first time I tried this, it didn’t work. Deleted the job, then readded following the steps, but making sure to enter the location prior to displaying the web form. Worked like a charm!

  9. Nguyen says

    definitely works. When you hover over the manage page you may have to scroll down to the “see banned users” to see the page ID #, and also please make sure you enter in the location of the work, as it is a requirement for it to work. Thanks again for the tip to get this to work !

    • says

      Tried this about a million times and finally when I added the location before turning on the forms it worked. Thanks Nguyen for that vital piece of information!