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everycallHave you ever gotten a phone call and rushed to answer it, leaving spilled coffee, angry children and stepped on toys in your wake, only to discover that no one is there?

You know the ones I’m talking about…

You hang up, mutter a curse word under your breath, and then get back to doing what you were doing.

Five minutes later, it happens again only this time you stub your toe and nearly fall on your face at least once to answer the call.

Again, no one is there. Still, you say hello like 6 times thinking maybe it is a cell call and the connection is weak.

So, you curse again and return to your business. This time, though, you bring the phone with you just in case this call happens to be “McDreamy” (see previous post) trying to get a hold of you and since he’s calling from the California Mountains his reception isn’t so good.

Of course, the phone rings again before too long…and yes you realize that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result, but you answer it anyway.

Still no one there. Ok, so next time you decide to just let it ring…..

Now you realize that since you have caller ID, you could actually call McDreamy back (I wonder why he has a 1-800 number?) to check and make sure he is ok, but you hesitate. There is a chance, however slight, that it might NOT be McDreamy.

You no longer have to fret over calls like these, or any other calls from numbers you do not recognize. Simply go to everycall.us and look up the number for free to find out who is actually calling.

From their site:

Free phone number lookup tool – EveryCall.us

Find out who’s calling you, we’ve got answers.

Enter the telephone number that came up on your caller ID and find out who’s calling. You can even leave a comment about the call you received for the benefit of others. EveryCall.us aims to expose and help put a stop to telemarketers and other annoying telephone calls.

They also have some links to some great tools including the DoNotCall registry, file a complaint with the FCC, reverse address lookup and more.

Next time you get a call from a number you don’t recognize, you can check to make sure it is, in fact, McDreamy before you answer.

Or, I’m sure you’d settle for McSteamy….

mcsteamy eric dane

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