Dyson Animal – intro and assembly

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As I mentioned previously, Dyson sent me one of their ball style vacuums to try out. The model I have is the Dyson DC25 Animal. And yes, I have named him Walter and actually call him Walter. You don’t need to worry unless I tell you he talks to me…then I might have a problem.

I currently have a Kirby vacuum (aka “The Beast”) and am very excited to be able to share how the Dyson compares to the Kirby.

I decided that the best way to really show you how they compare would be not only through descriptions but video as well. Now keep in mind that I am totally not in my element with the video camera or talking spontaneously knowing I am potentially sharing it with an unlimited number of people. So be kind, this is my first attempt at a video review, and more will come. I’ll work on eliminating the “ummms” in future videos. And if you want to know why I am not IN the video, well…I couldn’t figure out how to do that and hold the camera at the same time (I used my digital camera cause that’s the best option had).

What you will see here is a little intro, kind of a “what’s in the box”, and me rambling on about stuff while you stare at a vacuum box. Enjoy it.

BTW, is that really my voice?

Here is a photo of the major parts all laid out and labelled (sort of).

Dyson Assembly

What’s In the Box
* The vacuum (of course) (including cleaning head & handle)
* Combination accessory tool
* Mini turbine head
* Stair tool attachment
* Product manual
* Quick start guide
* Warranty information
* Product registration card
* 5 year warranty

The assembly of the Dyson Animal is pretty easy and straightforward. The manual and quick start guide provide clear illustrations on how to assemble it in 3 quick steps.

  1. Snap the vacuum cleaning head onto the body. It takes a little bit on effort but not too much. Snaps right in and you are done
  2. Slide the handle into the extension tube/hose on the back of the vacuum, push it down and snap it into place. There will be a little bit of opposite pressure, just push it all the way down and snap the cover down.
  3. Snap the two accessory tools onto the side of the vacuum next to the collection bin.

Dyson AnimalThat’s it! You are ready to roll, literally! Now, if you look in the picture, and in the list of what is included, you will see an extra accessory – the mini turbine head. From what I can tell, this part does not attach to the vacuum so you will have to put that in a convenient location so you can find it when you need it. Right now mine is on top of the pool table. I’m not sure that is the best place, but I like how convenient it is for me.

How does it compare to the Kirby
The Kirby model I have is the Ultimate G. We bought it in or around 2003. It is still for sale across the web in new, used and refurbished forms. Kirby does however, have a newer model although it appears to look and function much like the Ultimate G.

KirbyThe method for purchasing a Kirby is very different from the Dyson, and will end up being a post of its own, so we didn’t assemble it ourselves, but we watched the assembly. The Kirby is a bagged vacuum so there are inherent differences in the assembly that stem from that, but in general the Kirby was not very difficult to assemble except for the cleaning head. The cleaning head on the Kirby contains a belt inside and not only do you have to line up the belt, you have to hook the bottom of the cleaning head onto a little bar and then tilt it into position and turn a latch to lock it in place. All the while trying to keep the vacuum from rolling backwards. You also have to make sure the height adjuster is raised up to its highest level to make it easier to attach the head. Once you attach the head, you hope and pray that you got the belt on right and then turn the front handle to engage the belt. You then flatten the handle out and the head assembly is complete. You then snap the handle onto the base, slide and lock the bag holder onto the base and click the top of the bag holder into the handle.

The bottom line is that the Dyson Animal is assembled by pretty much anyone with ease and without frustration. Especially when compared with the Kirby Ultimate G, the Dyson assembly is simple. You will be vacuuming within minutes of taking it out of the box.

For more information about the Animal, go check it out on the Dyson website.

And stay tuned for our next post in this series which will be a visual comparison of the Dyson Animal and the Kirby Ultimate G.

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    Kim – I know what you mean. I’ll never forget the first time I saw what came out of my “clean” rugs when we dumped the bucket from the steam cleaning machine. EWwwww!

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