DIY Glass Spray Bottle

Our town has a recycling program, and we do participate, but it still seems like such a waste to constantly be getting rid of perfectly good glass bottles.

There has to be some use for them!

Recently I was shopping online for glass spray bottles to use with my homemade spray cleaner that I use in my kitchen.  At $15 per bottle I knew there had to to another way.

And there is.

DIY glass spray bottles

All of these bottles have one thing in common – they all have the same size cap.

And it just so happens that these caps are the same size as most spray nozzles.

Disclaimer – I am note sure if the tequila bottle is the right size but I think it is and would love to have my kitchen cleaner in a tequila bottle. I cannot properly test that one until it is empty because the cap is taller for some reason. Margaritas anyone?

DIY Glass Spray Bottle


  • Empty glass bottle
  • Spray bottle nozzle


  • Test to make sure the spray nozzle will fit on the glass bottle by putting the glass bottle lid on the spray bottle. If it fits and threads properly, the spray nozzle should fit on the glass bottle.
  • Remove the glue and label from the glass bottle, directions here: how to remove labels and glue from jars & bottles without chemicals.
  • Trim the spray nozzle tube down to the correct length if necessary.

homemade spray bottle

  • Assemble your new glass spray bottle.
  • Fill with your homemade spray cleaner.

DIY Glass Spray Bottle

We had some leftover spray bottles in our cabinet that we removed the nozzles from and cleaned them but you can also buy cheap empty bottles (make sure you recycle the bottle itself) or you can order nozzles only in 3 packs or in bulk if you look online.

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  1. says

    Oh how amazingly clever! I am the type to always save things like this and then never do anything with them! Looks like I have a fun new project! Thanks!