Dear Santa – a six year old’s letter

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A 6-year-old's letter to Santa


Dear Santa, I love Thorpe*.

And I like you. Do you like me? Circle yes or no.

If you do like me, I do like you too.

I want you to come to my house.

And I really want you to bring me lots of toys.


Love Abby.

Love Jacob.

Mom. Dad. Kim. Ed.

I love Mom Kim.

I love Dad Ed.

You are awesome Santa.

I love you.

And I love, love, love the elves.

And I really love Thorpe*.

Do you love me? Circle yes.

*…can’t decifer…*

You are great and awesome.

I love you so much and I am crazy at Christmas and I am going to look at Christmas lights.

And I want to have a pig for Christmas.

And I really love you.


*Thorpe is the Elf Magic Elf that makes an appearance in our home each Christmas season.
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  1. Jackie says

    This is great and made me smile. My daughters wrote letters to Santa every year. I still have every letter, in the sealed envelopes. My daughters are 22 and 18. I think this is the year we will take out all those envelopes and open them up. I’m sure we will get a lot of laughs and have a lot of fun.

  2. Karen Bondi says

    How are you going to get her that pig? Maybe you can adopt one and keep it somewhere else.

    • says

      LOL ummmm. My neighbor’s mom just got one of those teacup pigs. I had heard they are smarter than dogs. I do think Toby would love to have someone else to play with.

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