Cooking Appliance Product Testers Needed

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stoveMarketReader Pro, a consumer marketing research company, is looking for product tester to test a major cooking appliance. MarketReader Pro conducts in-home consumer studies.

From the site:

Selected participants will use the cooking appliances in their home for three to eight months and will be asked to provide feedback through online surveys and interviews. Participants will, of course, be paid for their time and opinions. New cooking appliance product testing will include using state-of-the-art cooktops, ovens, and ranges in your own home. Some studies may also include testing and preparing a provided set of recipes using the test appliance.

Take the survey to see if you qualify.

I read somewhere that the payment will be at least $475 for the testing.

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  1. Shanda Schick says

    Cooking has become my passion since I became a wide and mother. I love to create and serve my family healthy delicious meals from new recipes I find. I would truly enjoy the opportunity to test ,review And blog new consumer products. Thank you

  2. luis says

    I love to cook and bake a lot so I would really like to test out new products that can help me in the kitchen hopefully ill get pick to do so

  3. Rebecca Larsen says

    I am super excited to be considered for product testing. I absolutely love trying new products and gadgets, and feel I would be perfect for this. Many people often pass on items as they don’t know enough about them and I would love to be part of a process that could change their thinking.

  4. Ashley J. Martin says

    I would absolutely love to test out kitchen products. I do all the cooking for holidays, family gatherings, and other special occasions. I’m always in the kitchen.

  5. Sharon Baun says

    Would love to test products! Kitchen gadgets are my fav.!!! How exciting it would be the first to test a product that you hope everyone will love!!

  6. says

    I think that I will be a great product tester, I like to try new thing (cutting edge products). I like to tell friends about what Items that I have tried out that have made my life better and what I think that they can do for them in there’s.

  7. Eva adler says

    I would love to test your products . I am a gourmet cook
    And have a professional oven and range.
    Kindly let me know if I can be of service . Thank you

  8. Barbara Cline says

    I graduated from culinary school in 2010. I feel that I am qualified to become a product tester for your company. Please contact me by email or phone 480 217 3322 and tell me what I need to do to join the team. Thank you, Barbara

    • Diana Wright says

      oh oops didnt realize you were advertising for this so sorry thought you were a product testing site.

    • Allen Tiberius Galloway says

      I am in Ohio and would love to be a product tester for any and all things that need tested.

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