EXTENDED BzzAgent & OJ – Illinois residents try Florida’s Natural FREE

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BzzAgentDo you tell your friends and family about great new products that you have tried?

Do you come across strangers in a store looking at a particular product and feel compelled to offer your opinion?

Are you a blogger who likes to share great products with your readers?

If you are any of those (or at least can communicate with other people in some way, shape or form) I have an opportunity for you to get started with a great company participating in word-of-mouth marketing, getting to try great new products and even getting rewarded for it!

BzzAgent is “the leading word-of-mouth media network” and if you have ever told someone about a product, offered your opinion about a product, listened to someone else’s opinion, bought a product based upon a blog review or have written a blog review, you have actually participated in word-of-mouth marketing without possibly even realizing it! Word-of-mouth (or WOM) is a powerful way to communicate information and companies are taking notice. These companies hire BzzAgent to recruit people to help them spread the word about their great new products.

I have actually been a member (or BzzAgent) of BzzAgent since around March of 2004 and have participated in some fun and tasty campaigns. 95 of them to be exact. From books to cleaning products to alcoholic beverages (oh that one was great) and from food to power toothbrushes to cell phones, BzzAgent gives me an opportunity to do what I do best – formulate an opinion about a product and let everyone know about it!

If you want more information about how BzzAgent works, I had written a post about them here: Free Paid Surveys – BzzAgent: Word of Mouth Marketing and you can visit their website as well.

Florida's NaturalThe latest campaign that BzzAgent is promoting is for Florida’s Natural Orange Juice. And I’m not just saying this because they sent me a coupon for a FREE carton – I LOVE FLORIDA’S NATURAL OJ!

First of all it always seems to taste sweeter and smoother than the other brands and is never bitter like some orange juice tastes. It is made of 100% pure Florida orange juice and is not from concentrate.

Second, when they say that it is made from 100% pure Florida orange juice, they mean it! Did you know that some of the other major OJ brands import some of their oranges from places like Brazil? Well, Florida’s Natural oranges come from Florida and only Florida. They are 100% a product of the USA!

Florida's Natural

BzzAgent and Florida’s Natural want to offer you all an opportunity to try a carton of Florida’s Natural FREE. But there is a catch. There is always a catch, right? You need to sign-up to be a BzzAgent first. It’s not hard and the rewards will be much greater than the couple of minutes it will take you to sign up.

You can sign up right here: Join BzzAgent.

Everyone who signs up will enjoy the benefits of participating in BzzAgent and before long will begin receiving campaign invites to try great products. For those who live in Illinois, BzzAgent has guaranteed 20 of you an immediate spot in the Florida’s Natural campaign which means you will receive a coupon for a free carton of Florida’s Natural Orange Juice for you to try, some $1.00 off coupons to share and a magnetic grocery list (I love this). Some campaigns are region or state specific and this particular one needs more folks from Illinois!

Here’s a picture of the “BzzKit” you will receive:


The Florida’s Natural campaign is time sensitive so you MUST sign up by Friday, February 20th (EXTENDED THRU SUNDAY FEBRUARY 22nd) so they can get you your BzzKit in time. The coupon for the FREE carton of juice expires on February 28th. The remainder of the coupons expire a couple of months from now.

So, go sign up for BzzAgent and the first 20 people from Illinois will be guaranteed a slot in the Florida’s Natural campaign. The rest of you will have to wait to get an invite for future campaigns but it will be worth the wait!

Sign up for BzzAgent

The first 20 people who sign up through What’s That Smell? from Illinois will be GUARANTEED slots in the Florida’s Natural Campaign! So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out!

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  1. says

    Under the little info box on the right when you log into your account, under where it says “My Account” is a link to “history” It’s all in there!

  2. Ginny says

    I am also with Bzzagent. Where did you look to determine that you were in 95 campaigns? I’d like to determine how many I was in too.

    Florida Natural is great! We bought it without a coupon :-)

  3. says

    I know, right? I was looking back at all the campaigns I participated in over the years to write this post and I had honestly forgotten about all of the great stuff I got to try and share with people. My favorites were always the ones where they sent enough samples to share. I remember a Hershey candy bar one (the one with the pretzels) where they sent enough for me to take to work.

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