What is back-to-school without a new backpack?

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I absolutely love the backpack Jake picked out for school this year.



I also love that he is individual enough to pick out something this unique.  I don’t think most boys would go for this, especially at 8 years old.  Truth be told, I do think the fact that this bag has the ability to carry a skateboard played a big role in his decision, but I told him he would have to wait another year before I would even consider getting him a skateboard.

Have you ever tried to shop for a backpack online?

I do much of my shopping online and it’s hard to know exactly what you are going to get with a backpack or tote bags, let alone if it will meet your needs. But Burton has a solution for that problem.  Whether you are shopping for a backpack, or any other kind of bag, Burton can help you find the idea solution for you with their Burton “Bag Check”.

The Bag Check asks you a series of questions to help you pick out the perfect bag for your needs.  The screenshots below show my son picking out his bag using the Bag Check tool. Currently the Burton Bag Check is undergoing some maintenance but it will be back live on their site very soon (9/13).

The bag Jake picked out is the Treble Yell Pack in Majestic Black Plaid.

Treble Yell Pack
Skate pack with 1,000 uses—the best deal going. External straps for a deck or other bulky gear, mesh water bottle pockets on the side for easy access to hydration and other necessities.

  • 600D Polyester / 300D Polyester Dobby
  • Vertical Skate Carry
  • Magazine / Laptop Sleeve
  • Cush Ergonomic Shoulder Harness
  • Mesh Water Bottle Pockets
  • 1.5 lbs [0.7 kg]
  • 21L [18.5in x 12in x 7in][47cm x 31cm x 17cm]

Burton gives you the exact sizes and volume of the bag.

It has water bottle holders on the side and a front pocket to store a book.  He likes to read on the bus so this gives him easy access.

The bag also fits him really well.  I like how it forms around his neck and the way the strap are padding and come together just right.  It seems like a great fit no matter what size you are.

He doesn’t like the strap in front because he says it gets in his way, but I love it.  It keeps the pack on his back where it belongs and keeps him from hurting himself.

Overall we are very happy with the Burton Treble Yell Pack.  It seems durable, looks awesome and has the fits and function a fourth grader needs, with room for some toys too.  Burton doesn’t just have backpacks, or just bags for that matter. They have gear and apparel for children, men and women for a number of outdoor sports and uses.  Check them out at Burton.com. You can purchase the Treble Yell Pack direct from Burton or online at places like Zappos.com.

Note: We received the product shown to facilitate our review.
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