So you bought coconut oil. Now what?

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You’ve seen your Facebook friends talking about coconut oil.

They rave about its health benefits.

And you want to be healthy.

So you bought some.

And you open the jar.

And you see this:

coconut oil

And you ask yourself “what the heck do I do with this?” If you are like me, you actually said that out loud and pause waiting for an answer that never comes. Then you realize that no one is there, so you answer yourself and have an entire conversation about what you think you saw on Facebook and Pinterest.

The conversation ends with “so what the heck do I do with it?

And then a Talking Heads song goes running through your brain….

“You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”
“You may ask yourself, how do I work this?”
“You may ask yourself, where does that highway lead to?”
“You may ask yourself, am I right, am I wrong?”
“You may say to yourself, my God, what have I done?”

I am laughing now because if you happened to hit play on that video, you will have that song in your head all day now.

You’re welcome.

So back to your question.

What the heck do I do with it?

The real question is “what can’t I do with it?

Coconut oil is a strange substance to someone who is used to an oil actually being liquid, because it turns solid at any temperature under 76 degrees. Put a small amount between your fingers and it will turn to liquid in a blink.

Why use coconut oil?

Just cause everyone else is using it, and you bought it, doesn’t mean you understand WHY it is better for you than other cooking oils.

First, take a look at populations across the globe who eat coconuts and other coconut based products as a staple in their diet. THEY. ARE. GORGEOUS. On top of that, studies have been done that tout the beneficial properties of coconuts from a scientific standpoint. Just in case staring at gorgeous tanned people isn’t enough proof for you.

  • Promotes heart health – it’s a good-for-you kind of fat!
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Encourages a stronger metabolism.
  • Keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful.

Read more about the benefits of coconut oil: 24 reasons to eat coconut oil.


Also check out: 25 ways to use coconut oil and 333 uses for coconut oil.

You can use coconut oil as a replacement for other oils and fats in cooking and baking.

If you have a recipe that calls for vegetable oil, butter, margarine, canola oil, etc. You can grease pans with it and use it just about any place that you would normally use a different oil. We use it almost exclusively except we do use olive oil for some things where you just can’t replace the olive oil flavor.

When you cook with coconut oil, it DOES NOT make your food taste like coconut. I promise.

Replace the other oils with coconut oil on a 1:1 ratio. No math required!

You can cook with it and put it on your skin, but you can also use coconut oil to create any number of different household and beauty products.

Homemade Coconut Oil Recipes for Household and Beauty Products

For more information about which coconut oil to buy, check out: Choosing good coconut oil.

If you are looking for a detailed analysis of coconut oil: About coconut oil.

And more about the effects on your metabolism: Weight loss and other benefits of coconut oil.

So, what the heck are YOU going to do with your coconut oil?

This article was inspired by my friend Alison who actually asked me on Facebook about what to do with the coconut oil she bought.
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  1. Jen-Eighty MPH Mom says

    Very helpful info! I have been meaning to do more with coconut oil, and now have some great ideas. Thanks!

  2. says

    Coconut oil rocks. I love it and use it for EVERYTHING. My hands are so dry right now so I slept with coconut oil on last night with socks covering them. Works like a charm.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I hear about lots of things using coconut oil as I read through blogs, but I have yet to try any of them. It’s on my list, though.

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