Become an “As Seen on TV” product tester

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UPDATE: When I originally signed up up for this, they did not require a fee, now they have a “one-time $3.99 sign-up fee” – RUN AWAY.  Do not do this.  I never got anything from it anyway.

You know the products….the ones you see if you happen to be an insomniac or a Mom who is up in the middle of the night and has the TV on. They are called “As Seen on TV” products and they actually have a tester panel where you can sign up and possibly be selected to test their products. This is similar to free paid surveys but usually will just involve you getting to keep the product you test and likely will not have a monetary award to go along with it. I just signed up myself, so I really do not know.

Become an “As Seen on TV” product tester.

From their site:

Throughout the month our team will select an item(s) and send it out for testing, FREE of CHARGE. We will randomly select an item(s), depending on the nature and category of the item(s). Applicants who register may have the opportunity to be Product Testers.

You will not pay a single penny for any item(s) you receive, and best of all as a Product Tester you get to keep the item(s) for FREE.

The only requirement we have is when you receive the item(s) you fill out a simple questionnaire. The questionnaire helps determined whether an item is worth manufacturing and marketing, consumers acceptance, changes needed in design, and/or if it should be made available for sale or continued being offered. That’s all there is to becoming a Product Tester.

To be eligible for any of the promotions (including without limitation the product testing program), you must be of legal age to form a binding contract with AsSeenOnTV and a legal resident of the United States with a valid email and mailing address. If you do not meet these requirements, you will not be eligible for any of the promotions and we ask that you do not complete the registration process.

Good luck!

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  1. Melissa says

    Is this the same one you guys are talking about If you look very carefully at the form and the required fields they require you to enter a credit or debit card number for a one time 3.99 fee. OK I can handle that even if I were to lose 3.99. However as one of their required fields they want you to put in the three digit CVC number or whatever it is called, which means they can actually purchase things with your card in your name, and you get the bill. I would be very very wary of this site. Bummer I was looking forward to doing product reviews.

  2. Jackie says

    Does the free shipping for next purchase legit? I’m thinking of ordering a “Water Jet Power Washer” and they charge $7.99 S&H. Does anybody really use the free shipping coupon?

  3. says

    I haven’t actually been chosen for one of their tests but they say there are no charges at all. If they are charging, then yes, it is a scam.

    • Aimee says

      Kim, did you ever get chosen to test any products?
      they want 3.99 to register….is this legit? sounds interesting, something i’d like to try if it is legit.

      • says

        Aimee, if they are charging you money RUN AWAY, this one is not legit. I signed up for free and never heard anything from them again.

        Check out my list of other free paid survey sites: some of which do product testing, I’ve gotten diapers, shampoo, dog products and more.

        The ones on my list I have used for years and you do get paid.

        • Aimee says

          thanks, Kim,
          I have since checked it out on epinions and everyone there says they never heard back from As Seen on Tv .com after registering. I think they just want your 3.99, they do offer a free shipping coupon for one purchase. Sounds to me like they just want your info and are giving you shipping for a future purchase for $3.99!….very clever of them ;-) Thanks for the other links, i will check them out.

          • says

            It is good that you did your research. Rule #1 with this stuff is NEVER EVER pay money to participate. None of legit companies charge you money. Market research is real, and there are companies that do it, but they NEVER charge participants, they only reward them.

            Good luck!

  4. says

    Kareen, hopefully you get chosen for one! Are you signed up with or U30? They do ocassional product tests, in fact, I’m currently testing diapers. I joke about them being “experimental” but I can tell whose they are and it is one of the major brands. Check out the list on the far right, but definately I recommend MySurvey and U30 as first for product testing.

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