Get a FREE new release every month with Amazon’s new Kindle First Program

I recently received a brand new Kindle Paperwhite to review – more on my love affair with that coming soon.

In the meantime during my use of my new Kindle, I learned about a fantastic new program that Amazon has called Kindle First and I wanted to share it because you can get a free new release book each month.

About Kindle First

The Kindle First program gives Kindle First members the opportunity to download one of four editors’ picks one month before the official publication date, either for free or at a reduced price. New titles are announced at the beginning of each month.

Kindle First

If you have an Amazon Prime membership:

You can download the Kindle First title of your choice for free. With Amazon Prime (including a regular, discounted, or free trial Amazon Prime membership ), you are automatically eligible for the Kindle First program, and can download one Kindle First title for free each month, one month before its official release date.

If you do not have an Amazon Prime membership:

You can become a Kindle First member and purchase Kindle First books at a reduced price by subscribing to the Kindle First monthly e-mail newsletter. With a Kindle First e-mail subscription, you will receive information about new Kindle First titles each month, and become eligible to purchase the title of your choice, one month prior to its release date, and at a reduced price. If you unsubscribe from the Kindle First monthly e-mail newsletter and do not have an Amazon Prime account, you will no longer be eligible to purchase Kindle First books at a reduced price, before their release date.Kindle First downloads are limited to one per month and do not carry over from previous months. You can pre-order any additional selections at the standard Kindle Pre-Order Purchase Price. Kindle First titles cannot be gifted until their official publication date.

How it works

  1. Choose one of the four Editors’ Picks today for FREE.
  2. Read on your Kindle device or on another device with the free Kindle reading app.
  3. Return next month for a new selection of new release books.

I chose “The Rented Mule” by Bobby Cole this month, what was your choice?



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