Amazing and Breathtaking Canyons and Gorges

Nature is just amazing sometimes.

The shapes, the colors, the breathtaking views.

It’s funny how something that occurred because of wind or rain or the natural formation of the elements on the earth can cause to re-evaluate your entire existence simply by staring at it.

I felt this way when I visited The Badlands in South Dakota, but there are so many other gorgeous and amazing things in nature.

Take a look at some amazing and breathtaking canyons and gorges.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Antelope canyon

Antelope Canyon


Gorges du Verdon, France
Les Gorges du Verdon

gorges du verdon


Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, 2009

Grand Canyon


Little Three Gorges, China
little three gorges



Havasu Canyon, Arizona, USA

southwest 443


Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA
Bryce Canyon Utah

Bryce Canyon, Utah


Wulingyuan Canyon, China



Todra Gorge, Morocco
Todra Gorge, Morocco

Todra Gorge, Morocco


Tara River Canyon, Montenegro
Canyon of the River Tara,Montenegro

Tara River


  1. says

    BEAUTIFUL!!! (BUT, I would NEVER be able to cross the bridge pictured in Tara River Canyon, Montenegro. I am such a heights CHICKEN!)

    And, I must be tired – I read that as “Crayons and Gorges”

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