A word to the wise – Big Spot Surveys

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Make sure you check out my list of  FREE, legit paid survey sites.  I only list companies that I have experience with and I give you the low-down on each one.  And if that’s not enough, you can check out surveypolice.com for ratings and reviews.

Make sure to visit our updated post about Big Spot Surveys for additional information.

I have been seeing commercials lately, mostly on the channels that Jake watches, for a website called BigSpot.com.

I have taken notice because I am a big online survey taker and am usually “in the know” when a new one pops up and I had never heard of this one. They advertise it as a paid survey company, meaning they imply that you get surveys directly from them and receive compensation through them. I’m not going to go into great detail about how paid surveys work, you can read more about that here: free paid survey info; I have all kinds of posts about them.

So I finally got around to checking out BigSpot.com and I want to issue a warning to anyone else who may sign up there. BigSpot.com is NOT a free paid survey company in the sense that they do not appear to administer the surveys or pay you for participation. They collect your information and claim to send you information about other free paid survey companies but in the meantime they have your personal information. You do not need to sign up for any site that claims to collect your demographics in order to match you with paid survey or market research companies. I have links to many of the big survey companies and I don’t collect your information. There are also plenty of other online sources that have EXTENSIVE lists who also don’t collect your personal info. Free Paid Surveys.net is my all time favorite.

Now, I have no proof that BigSpot.com does anything with your personal info other than what they claim, in fact they do have a privacy policy, but why sign up for something that you don’t have to and risk handing out your name, email address and zip code to a third party company for NO REASON?

For more information on taking paid surveys:

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  1. Crystal says

    i hope that the sites that you listed are really free and that they do payout, because i really could use extra money for Christmas shopping this year.

  2. Lorraine says

    I’m not an ‘At home mom”…lol, but I also enjoy doing surveys! I read all your listings and I wondered if you knew about InboxDollars,surveys site. Not ONLY it’s a survey site, but has games too! Worldwinner! And very addicting games (better then Pogo)! The collecting of surveys is 50 cents, and reading PAID e-mails is 2 cent per reading. They do have some offers that pay more, but you really don’t have to buy them…. just read. And I’m on my 5th check now! Also has a referral and gain a buck!…hint hint! ;)
    Ya like football? M GO Blue!! Michigan Wolverines and NY Giants!!!

  3. Edison Erorita says

    Hi Kim,
    I’m glad I came across your blog/website, but I just wish I came across it sooner. I’ve always wondered about making extra income via online and after seeing BigSpot.com splashed across my television a few times, I decided to check it out. I figured that after seeing it presented like the way I saw it on TV, I took it on as a “legit” source and “real” way of making money…again, I wish I had come across you sooner. What do I do now that I’ve actually submitted my personal information? I haven’t taken on any surveys yet, I just through to the point of submitting my information, luckily though, I wasn’t able to enter any information about my family members as I didn’t readily know any of their personal information up front. Do I go back “in” and just cancel my “account” with BigSpot.com or is my personal information now “lost in limbo,” or worst, has my life been “compromised” now that my “BigSpot.com” has a hold of some of my personal info/life??? Thanks for your advice, by the way.

    • says

      There should be a way to remove yourself from their database. I don’t think it is a “problem” as I have no proof they are selling email addresses or anything like that, but I have no proof they aren’t either. And they do provide you with legit survey companies to sign up for. The issue is that they make you provide your information to them when really there is no need because you can find their same list of survey companies on mine and any other sites. The survey companies are legit, you just don’t need to give BigSpot your info to find them.
      I wouldn’t worry too much about anything aside from some emails that maybe you never signed up for though.

      Good luck!

      • Edison Erorita says

        Hi Kim,

        First, thank you for your timely reply! Second, A BIG THANK YOU for bringing peace to mind and clarification about my situation. I’ll definitely be looking out on your blog from now on!

        Please guide me (and bear with me) as I consider myself “green” in understanding how Blogs work, or even the “right” way of seeking your advice/help, but I wanted to ask (if this is the right area to ask) about other “ventures” I’ve been considering taking on as part of the online money-making arena. I’ve seen these two ads on TV for quite a while and I wanted to get your opinion on them: “www.5UEarnIt.com” and “E*Trade” – what do you make of such ads???

        • says

          I would run far away from such ads. If something promises things that are too good to be true, they usually are.

          The best way to make money online is to start a website or blog, provide valuable content that people will read and put ads on it, but this is certainly not an easy road and takes years to build up unless you have a specialized niche where you can write about a unique topic that very few others can.

          The online surveys will bring in money to order a pizza every once in awhile, but it’s not going to pay your bills.

          Be careful and good luck.

  4. lissa says

    thanks for the information about bigspot because I was going to try it. Now I will just see what you have listed and try them. Thanks again,Lissa

  5. melissa says

    i have been doing surveys for years and not once have i gotten paid for them, oh sure i have received some products to try and give feed back on them which were mine to keep afterward but i never got paid for any surveys i did. if there is one out there that is not a scam i have yet to find it

  6. LIZZ says

    I saw the big spot commercial and thought hey, if i get to fill out a couple survey’s & get paid of it, why not?
    Then i ran across your blog. So now my question is how do these paid survey’s work? I have never done them before. I want to start but i want to be smart about this. You say that Big Spot asks you for your information then i want on to the freepaidservice.net one. & they have link’s to other survey’s who ask you for info and a “free membership” So how is this any different from the bigspot.com?

  7. Racquel Deremer says

    I started taking surveys a few months ago and continually to make small change every now and then, but absolutely nothing to live off of like they claim. I largely just make small purchases on-line through PayPal once I get paid so it’s not too bad.

  8. Devon says

    I made the mistake of giving my initial info to bigspot… I was about to click the boxes for what surveys to take and it occurred to me that I should look into their validity before proceeding. duh. Is there any way I can remove my info from their list?

  9. Barfvader says

    BigSpot is in my opinion horrible.

    Takes forever to actually qualify for a survey. Oh you’ll go thru the screener where they get all the information they want from you and bam, so sorry you don’t qualify. In the event you do make it on one it takes days and or weeks for the amount to be credited to your account.

    As for cashing out, I’ve managed to do that once. Cash out threshold was $25 (I had a bit more).

    Requested PayPal cash out on Wednesday May 19th 2010
    Cash out approved on June 8th 2010
    Paid on June 11th 2010

    So been doing an occasional survey here and there on there and made it to around $23 and one after another after another couldn’t qualify for anything to get up to that threshold of $25.

    But tonight I see that my threshold is now set at $10 and says I can cash out. Thank goodness I say to myself as I want my funds and want to get done with these jokers. Start the process to cash out and the jokes on me as they have changed the rules without actually saying anywhere on the site that they changed anything.

    Seems now without any change to the terms of agreement or anywhere in the FAQ that if I (or anyone else that is wasting their time with this site) wants their funds sent to PayPal you must have $50 to do that. Oh I can get some ridiculously overpriced subscriptions to magazines but I want my funds thank you much.

    Fired off an email to their support asking some questions about this change that was never mentioned anywhere. Will be interesting to see what kind of response I get, if anything.

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